S3 to S9 in 2 seconds

Morning peoples

Glad am not the only one that,s spotted this.
RE;_ EA1GMP/p on 20m at 0900hrs was weak just audible 3/3
Then around 09:27 conditions shifted and Boom there he was at S9 one call straight in there.

Have noted this many a time with early am Spanish Sotas there quiet at first and then just appear out of no where as this gent noted on the spot

Sun 09:24 EA1GMP/P on EA1/PL-018 14.285 ssb
Suddenly very loud after nothing in SW UK (Posted by M0BKV)

Any body else found this happening this morning


The same for me with Alejandro on 7Mhz, from 59+ to 53 in seconds

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