S2Ss ...a Legal High!

During a recent Summits on the Air (SOTA) adventure I was lucky enough to make
contact with Klaus/DF2GN who was also operating from a SOTA Summit in Germany
using his KX3! His was feeding just 5w to an EFHW vertical antenna suspended
high up in a tree!

Nothing sweeter than making contact with another kindred spirit using modest
antennas and minimal power in my book!

S2S - movie trailer: Summit to Summit QSO - Klaus DF2GN with Steve/wG0AT (S2S) - YouTube
for the actual CW QSO audio with still pics: DF2GN - wGOAT ...Actual S2S QSQ Audio from April 21, 2013 - YouTube

Yes, I can see how S2Ss can become addicting! …Says Peanut

72, Steve/wGOAT

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Congratulation Steve! Great job !

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great movie Steve… tnx for the fb QSO on 15m. An amazing solid signal for your equipment. Guess nobody in Europe noticed that the 15 meter was so wide open!

Received my KX3 a few weeks ago… so may be next time on S2S Steve.


Karel ON4FI

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Hallo Steve. Congrats de Vlad

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Thank you for comments on my signal Karel! Yes I see SFI is 140 today! Very good for DX QSOs! I was CQing SOTA on 12/10m but no replies so 15 and 20 were the money bands for me! KX3 is ultimate SOTA rig for multi-mode! My MTR is FB for 30/20-CW for lightweight “no goat help” day hiking SOTA! Hah!

…hoping this weekend is good props as well! 73, Steve/wGOAT

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Good contact Steve nice preview and movie .
Will be out on the weekend for qrp to field on a summit hope to make some dx QSO’s too.
de Ian VK5CZ …

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Hi Steve,

thanks again for that very nice s2s into mid/west us. yesterday i worked w7cnl from id. so i hope condx on saturday are good again. i´m on bw-228 agagin with two antennas. simple triple leg for 20m and a halfwave vertical on 15. wait for the postman, i ordered a second mast from spiderbeam to bring the antenna high up. i operate direct from the cliffs at the westside of the summit. so a good and free take off with good high over ground. hope to see you and many more activators on the bands !

vy 73 Klaus

your video looks very good ! congrats !

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Good hear from you Ian! My SOTA buddy Frank/K0JQZ and I will be camping on Mt Herman after QRPTTF so we’ll have antennas still up for late Pacific propagation …we’ll watch for your spots! Maybe we too can have S2S!
Cheers & 73 Steve