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S2S wanted! LA/TM-246

LA1ENA & LA3NGA will activate LA/TM-246 Metalen for the upcoming Field-Day.
We hope to do a lot of S2S, we bring antennas for 70cm, 2m and at least 80m-10m (maybe also 160m)
Locator is JO49vd
We will be completely off grid, working QRP of two times FT-817…
Please spot us?
It is a long and hard walk with all the gear, so I hope you make it fun for us…!? (Hope for great condx…)
Want to try a sked S2S? Send me a PM on facebook or reply here…?
This is for sept 3rd 1300 UTC until sept 4th 1300 UTC…
Battery: Minimum 7 hours, hopefully 25 hours…



What frequencies would you be on? I would love to try a S2S but the progogation gods would have to smile on us very nicely. 17m or perhaps 20m late-ish in the afternoon/evening 16-20 UTC.

We would also be QRP, so will have to listen VERY carefully. :slight_smile:

Reply here or email om@zs2dh.co.za if you think it might work.

Dave Higgs

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I would love to try, but 5W on CW might be a little optimistic.
We will spot ourselfs on SOTAwatch and maybe on Dxsummit.
It being a contestweekend, we will use what ever is availible, but preferably around QRP frq´s…
I (LA3NGA) can be reached on facebook messenger during the event and on SMS on +47 408 81 000