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If I turn up on a summit and find that there is a SOTA activation already in progress on that summit. I set my station up on a different part of the summit so that we are two separate activations. If I then work the original activator on 2FM does that count as a S2S ?


No, they have to be different summits. You can chase the original activator but you must leave the activation zone (AZ).

That has only happened once by accident here, and that was due to the other activator not alerting. Sometimes you may activate in groups as well, same rules apply of course. I wonder as the program increases in popularity you may find this happening more often then not !

I can remember it happening here in GMland on 27/02/2011. Can’t remember who didn’t put an alert on - can you ANDY??

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Graeme MM0HLQ wandered up Meall Gainmheach and found me cowering out of the icy wind on that one. I met Robert GM4GUF activating on Tinto once if not twice.

Its in the rules. QSOs with others within the same Activation Zone do not count towards the QSO total.

Since the contact does not count towards the QSO total it can’t count as an S2S.


Then there was the time with GM4COX, you and me all on Tinto concurrently

Ah but that was planned rather than accidental.

Coincidences happen. It must be pretty unlikely that two husband/wife pairs of activators would turn up on the same summit at the same time. But it’s happened. On 15th March 2011 Caroline and I arrived on Great Rhos to find Rod and Viki already activating it. The curious thing though is that we only communicated by radio - owing to thick fog we never saw each other at all!

Martyn M1MAJ

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Yes, I remember that very well; the low cloud limited visibility very seriously and we had no idea you were there until one of you replied to our opening CQ.

We have had a couple of other near meets, with Karen and Neil who we heard calling on Moel Elio only a few minutes after we left. I can not recall the other at present.

I have actually met accidentally (with Viki on most of them) Mike, YYY, on Shining Tor; Brian, ZRP and Rob & Audrey, in different years on The Wrekin; an operator whose call and name I have lost on Black Hill, SS-167; Bill, WSB on Stiperstones; Adrian, AZS on Pole Bank and I am sure there is still someone else; apologies for not remembering at present.