s2s or not ?


I searched but found nothing … maybe I was blind too.

Sometimes there are /p (contest) stations. There are contests, whose rules are very similar to those of SOTA. (…e.g. only portable power supply)
If I am an activator and have a contact with someone who is /p on a SOTA-mountain… is that always an s2s?
Even if he does not participate in SOTA?.. is neither an activator nor a chaser…?

Or is it a must, to have a contact to a SOTA activator… to have a valid s2s?

73 Armin

It doesn’t matter whether or not the other station is a registered participant, or intentionally doing SOTA, or logs to the SOTA Database.

For it to count as a chaser / S2S QSO, the other station needs to be:

  1. In the activation zone
  2. Using a portable power source (worth confirming as many contest stations use generators or vehicle power supplies).
  3. Not be operating from a vehicle, or building with mains electricity.

So yes, if they are in the AZ and 100% compliant with the criteria for a SOTA activation, then you can claim it as a chase or S2S, even if they don’t engage in SOTA or submit logs.