S2S or NOT?

Can someone help me please.

I carried out the activation of G/CE-005 Wendover Woods last Sunday 9th July.

One of the contacts was DL6AP/P who gave me a reference of DA/NI007, and I immediately thought Summit-to-summit, goody.

On looking up the reference I find it is not SOTA but possibly WFF, although the only details I can find are at the following link http://www.cqgma.eu/gmainfo.php?id=DA/NI-007 .

I can’t find any information other than that, which seems strange.

It also says the summit is 693M, so if it is why isn’t it a SOTA summit.

Hope I am not missing something really simple here.

Thanks in advance.


Nor me, but it won’t be a SOTA summit if it lacks prominence.

It’s a GMA summit. It may have been a SOTA summit in the past until it was determined it didn’t have enough prominence and was deleted. Or it may never have been a SOTA summit. GMA rules for summits are more subjective that SOTA rules.

So it doesn’t count for SOTA S2S awards. Still an FB contact.

Specifically, this GMA summit.


Thanks, Wunder, I had lost the address for GMA summits.

Many thanks to all for the clarification.


Deleted 31/Dec/2008:

Thanks for the summit details, which answers one of my questions.

Curious as to why it was deleted as a SOTA summit when there are other DM/NS… summits with a lower prominence than this one, which is 693M.


Er no. 693M is its height above sea level not its prominence.

The prominence is less than 100m.

Thanks for the clarification.