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S2S event?

In reply to MM0FMF:

Perfectly true, Andy, and it just makes the challenge of doing it with SSB more attractive!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to MM0FMF:

Trouble is, once 10m opens up, it immediatley turns into a zoo.

73 Mike

In reply to MM0FMF:

Conservatively speaking the SNR improvement of CW over SSB is in the
order of 15-17dB. . . . I’ll rely on the key and my 300Hz filter
rather than the ionosphere playing ball!

Excellent analysis Andy, that totally jibes with my experience.

Barry N1EU

In reply to N1EU:

Hi Barry,

coming back to your original question, the International Sota Weekend was originally planned to encourage S2S mostly, but in real life, we have so many activators all days that almost every day is a S2S oportunity.
I do agree it would be interesting to set a specific date and time to meet all of us (NA + EU + others…) and try to meet on air…

My personal point of view: when I go out to activate I use to carry along with me a listing of the scheduled Alert in the Sotawathc page: this way I know in advance what I could encounter thus maximizing the chances to look for S2S. If I finish my own pile-up, then I can pick the listing and scroll the bands to see if any of them is on disposal.

In addition, when you go to a summit it does worth to take into account how the bands are performing; if 10 meter for instance is open in the last days it would be a good chance to pick an antenna for that band, or if the 50MHz was the case lately…

Now, as the post evolved, let me take the chance; I’m considering the purchase of a 500 khz filter for my FT817; is there a big difference between the stock YF-122C and the Inrad filters?

Cheerio, 73
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to N1EU:

It is definitely a nice challenge to try transatlantic s2s using 5W CW and some very basic type of antenna (dipole, vertical with one counterpoise). I was listening on spotted frequencies (mainly on 20m band) several times during the spring and the band was clear on the hilltop, but there was no SOTA transatlantic CW signal to read. One needs good luck and conditions…

Karel OK2BWB

In reply to OK2BWB:
Interestingly I thought my first EU/NA S2S would have been CW, but it turned out to be SSB 5W at both ends with Andrew K1YMI/P on W2/GA-027 14MHz and myself on GM/SS-164 - 02/05/2010 - RS 52/54. What a great surprise I think to the both of us.

The aerial at my end was a wire GP. Not sure what Andrew was using?


Jack (;>J