S2S Europe to Australia Saturday 25th April

I’ve put an alert up now for Mt Beenak from 0530. As others have pointed out, the weather remains a concern. I plan on taking my tent as a shelter. There’s also a couple of relatively nearby options if access is a problem.

I’ll try to chase some of the ssb activators as well.

Andrew VK3JBL

I will join in from HB/BE-087 (Niesen: alt 7749 feet) with 100W and Buddipole fullsize, no coils!
I will be QRV in CW and SSB on 20M (but also on 17M and 30M). The sunrise at my summit is at 04:31 GMT!
Tks for the organisation of this event!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

Subject to wx, I’ll see if I can give it a go from a lowly 1 or 2 pointer in G/WB, up to 100W (More likely as little as possible) 20M GP and link dipole (or doublet, possibly both)

20M more than likely, but can use 17/15 etc. if required



I’m tempted to go for a try, although it’s so early in the morning!!!

I’ll try to be ready 05:30 from EA2/NV-119, at 5 watt, 20m CW & SSB maybe trying a Delta loop this time, and lower speed CW to facilitate things if required… Maybe other freqs if the Delta can be tuned.
The only trouble will be to find a clear QRG. I find 14.062 is gonna be crowded tomorrow!!!

GL all and HPE hear you, VY 73 de Ignacio

Hello Robin,
Thanks for the offer to do a repeat of your summit. Unfortunately storms are rumbling about and I will not be staying o/night at this summit as planned.

Better luck next time.

Cheers, Nick

P.S at home now and no further summitting.

Well we tried! From VK2/IL-003.

Survived the first 3 storms as they rolled over us. 40+ noise on 7 MHz made local contacts difficult. The 4th storm was a bit more serious, lots of hail and wind. Blew down the dipole and Budipole just as 20m seemed to be working. I could hear a few SOTA calls from Europe.

Packed up and got totally drenched.

On the drive back to Sydney we heard on the news about flash floods closing major roads, electrical blackouts and building collapses etc.

I did get VK100ANZAC in the log so was worthwhile.

Happy to try again and with out electrical storms it will work I am sure.


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Hi All

Just like to say thanks to Robin and all who took part for this wonderful event.

Was my first venture into intercontinental SOTA and I had a ball! Not a vast number of contacts but qualifying a summit on VK contacts including VI6ANZAC and VK100ANZAC was very special :smile:

Apologies to VK3HRA - the one that got away :disappointed: Managed to get your call after several attempts but you disappeared into the QRN. Many thanks for valiantly trying!

Definitely had my appetite whetted for the higher bands and look forward to further expeditions!

73 de Paul G6GGP/G4MD

Like Paul G4MD, this was my first dx attempt and I did warn it could get ugly! All these weird calls take some getting used to :smile:. 3 dx s2s with 5w cw and a bunch more chasers.

Whilst no buildings collapsed, the weather was absolutely miserable and I made a mistake of allowing myself to cool too much after the hike up which resulted in my sending getting even worse from shivering! Much easier to send from a warm desk and comfy chair. I was a little out of my depth, but was able to copy all the important info.

Unfortunately the summit seemed to suffer from more noise than what I remembered and couldn’t clearly hear the SSB activators.

Glad I took the tent, now I just need some sun to dry it.

Thanks all for your patience. Very pleased to get some HB9 contacts having lived many years in the country, including a s2s with Juerg HB9BIN. Thanks for the repeats.

Good fun. Sotawatch was a little crazy with all the spots.

UPDATE: blog post

73 Andrew

Yes that was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone for organising it
For once this week, I didn’t wake up at ‘stupid o’clock’ so I was a little later getting out, and had already seen Mickey, 2e0yyy, spot himself before I left the house!
Still, not too far for me to G/WB-015, Callow Hill. R5L was full of Gallipoli stories for the rather short journey, including one from a family whose Great Grandfather, and Grandfather had fought there, the Great Grandfather having been killed, and their Grandfather being wounded. They apparently still had the bullets that were removed from their Grandfather!

Flounders Folly, between the trees at the top of the hill from the ‘car park’

The folly at the top of Callow Hill

Despite it being rather sunny on the way up, once I set up, it started raining, I ended up having to use the waterproof logbook… However, it soon passed and ended up quite pleasant!

Activating point just below the folly

On 20M a total of 26 contacts, 4 VKs made it into the log including s2s with vk100anzac and vi6anzac, the latter being very difficult, sandwiched between 2 very strong Italian stations 1-2K either side with a lot of QRM. Thanks for the persistence in getting the signal reports exchanged!

Further s2s with G6GGP, 2E0YYY, G7LAS, OE5AUL, OE5YYN and EA2BD capped it all.

12M Failed to generate any interest whatsoever, 4M gave me 1 contact and finishing off on 2M brought another 13 contacts before packing up with some menacing looking clouds appearing.

Looking up at the folly as the clouds rolled in.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to chase, and apologies if I missed anyone.

That’s 3 Firsts for me on G/WB-015… It was the first summit I ever activated, the first one I ever had a transatlantic contact from, and the first summit I’ve managed a VK summit from :slight_smile:



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Thanks for taking my call, Don. Big signals from VK this morning. Once again Ernie VK3DET, Tony AX3CAT, Ron AX3AFW, Paul AX5PAS all sending oustanding signals. Huge signal from Mark WA2FON at 0552z.

73 Mike


It was a great SOTA party this morning.
Between 5h15 and 8h04 AM I chased 20 activators, 7 of which were Aussies!
I had a lot of fun.
Many thanks to all the activators.
Best 73 de Guru.

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We also had a great time activating summit OE/OO-118 Damberg. We had to choose one of our easier summits, otherwise we wouldn’t have managed to get there in time for VK. We enjoyed the S2S contacts very much but sadly enough no VK S2S was possible. A VK3 station tried to get through to me - I suspect this would have been a S2S but it was just impossible to copy the callsign. However, I had the chance to make my first two VK contacts ever - VK3DET and VK3XL!

The observation tower on top of Damberg

Perfect location for setting up the two antennas for 14 MHz and 144 Mhz. OE5AUL in full action!

We also enjoyed the peace and quiet at the early hour, the weather was good to us - just plain sunshine and nice temperatures - need to do that again!

Sylvia & Peter


Dear Peter & Sylvia,
Thanks for the SOTA QSO this morning and the pictures of your summit.
Wow!, what a great wooden tower. How tall is it? I would say it’s about 40m.
If I were there, I would like to set a vertical wire from the top of the tower to the ground to use it as a vertical with some 3 or 4 wire radials on the ground.
Let us know if you ever try that.
Furthermore, I almost chased you again on 20m SSB this morning when I was activating Mt. San Cristobal (EA2/NV-119) during my daughters weekly rock climbing training of Saturdays morning.
I just switched on my rig and was trying to find a clear frequency to start CQing when I heard a female voice saying the end of the callsing …YYN on 14.285. I’m pretty sure it was you, Sylvia. I waited a while for you to come back or call CQ but I heard nothing from you, so I QSYed down to 14.275 for CQ because I usually have very short time for these Saturday morning activations. Shame we couldn’t make a S2S today.
Best 73 de Guru

What you mean like this? :sunglasses:

Really suprised with the Ghana contact 9G5SW -I could not copy very well as you, 31 in the SE UK, :disappointed_relieved:


Hi Guru,

What a shame I went QRT before you were able to contact me! I called CQ several times and when nobody came back Peter and I switched and he did a couple of CW contacts.

The tower is 36 m and would definitely be worth a try with a vertical wire from the top. However, both this summit and the other one we did a couple of hours later (OE/OO-316) will be deleted at the end of this year, so we won’t have a chance for another activation.

I am sure we’ll manage a S2S again some other time!

73, Sylvia

Hello Sylvia and Peter,
I did listen out for you but propagation was not in my favour.
From the photos it seems a perfect day for you both wx wise as well as the location.
Best wishes and night night.

Thanks from me to everyone. A great thrill to work into Australia for the first time. Who’d a thought 4W could do that?!

The KX3 did its stuff to a simple vertical 1/4 wave wire, but it was cold on Moel Gyw at 0500z this morning after a night in the car, and later on rain threatened so I had to up pegs and shift down the hill before hypothermia set in!

Thanks for a first, and a great time,
Les g0nmd


I had a good activation yesterday, first in the morning with the club station from about 0000 to 0200 and then from about 0630 to 0830. This was at Vk1/AC-040 Mt Ainslie, using the VK100ANZAC callsign for ANZAC Day centenary.

From about 0630 I operated my usual SOTA 20m station, the IC703 barefoot at 10w and the quarter wave vertical with 3 elevated radials.

Band conditions were locally very noisy, lots of static crashes up to S9, requiring repeats from many strong stations. Propagation was pretty good overall. I haven’t added up my contacts yet but it required 3 pages of my notebook to log them all. Apart from contacts with Mike and Rob at 004 and several other S2S contacts, I was pleasantly surprised to be called by Peter G3PHO, whom I met for a very pleasant dinner one evening in about 2008.
Also worked several west coast USA stations including two from KL7. Reports received from numerous DLs were very good and they were solid s9 signals here.

This 20m operation was from a small tent. It was raining off and on throughout the 2 hours I was there. Eventually the band sounded rather quiet. I did try using my IC706 at 50w for several contacts when the sun had been set for over an hour.
Thanks for all the interest in VK100ANZAC, easy to say on voice modes but less convenient on CW!

73 Andrew vk1da


Thanks to all chasers and activators. I took the decision of going up yesterday and I don’t regret it. Wow, what a day! I enjoyed a lot with the bunch of qso and S2S and it did worth this very early activation, although I feel sleepy now…

I choose the easy summit EA2/NV-119 next to my qth. I woke up at 04:00 to be able to meet the 05:30 utc target starting time.

I took a Delta loop antenna as well as an End fed half wave multiband for 20-40 meters. I decided to use the EFHW because there wasn’t enough space to install the 40m Delta in the proper orientation. This is the first time I have ever used an End Fed and I’m surprised with its good results for an antenna that has no counterpoise at all, just a radiator and a transformer in the feed point. I ran QRP 5 watt.

Summary: 75 qso, 12 S2S contacts, being 4 of them VK S2S!!

9H4RH/P S2S 9H/GO-001
M0HCU/P S2S G/WB-015

I also worked some nice DX when chased by: AC1Z, KP4CPC, K2YGM, and VK3XL.

I had difficulties with some more: I heard HB9BIN/P and called for minutes but he didn’t copy me. I also called G6GGP/P but when he replied with my call his signal vanished.
I heard and called AX2IO/P but not sure the report I heard was for me because qsb was strong then.

Looking at the good results with the End Fed antenna in 20 meters, I spent some time running it at 40m (there is a coil for that band installed) and I logged 40 qso in 17 minutes. Seems to work all right.

Thank you very much Robin 9H4RH for proposing the idea of the EU-VK activation.

In the past I logged some VK chasers during an activation but today they were my first S2S VK ever and I could have qualified with them.
VY 73 and have a good rest… Ignacio EA2BD

Image at operating position. Fine WX!


Yes, we missed you and wondered whether you had taken a day off amateur radio :wink: .
Conditions into the UK were generally rather erratic, many stations there had a lot of QRM and problems copying us and signals were up and down with a lot of QSB. But it was fun and that’s what matters!

73, Sylvia

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