S2S Completes - the next level up from S2S

We know about S2S contacts and we know what completes are, where you have both activated and chased a certain summit.

Here’s the next level. S2S completes. You have had S2S contacts between mountains X and Y in both directions. X-Y and Y-X.


A. the S2S completes were made with the same activator at the other end. This could result from a joint project between two or more activators.
B. The S2S Completes were made with different activators at the other end. This could result from unplanned happy coincidences…

Any interest?

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

That would be good for Hugh and I when we do our full weekend trips away to say Yunta where there is potential for a 6 summit weekend if way activate on the journey there or back as we pass by a couple close summits on the way. Downside would be the need to take 2 vehicles but that’s about all.
Ian vk5cz …

Can the database score/track it? Would be interesting to see if I had any currently.

Well the data is there but a new report would be needed. More work for Andy, I’m afraid.

As you may know, Summitsbase issues Summit to Summit Awards for unique contacts between SOTA Summits:

Every Summit to Summit contact must be unique, i.e. an activator activating Summit A may claim the S2S contact with summit B only once, however the same activator activating Summit B may then claim a S2S contact with Summit A.

Summitsbase unique s2s awards do not exactly correspond to the desired “s2s Complete score” because on the same summit several unique s2s contacts are possible.

A potential obstacle: You have to sort out the valid contacts by yourself, no help from Andy, hi. :frowning:

Hi Heinz,

To be honest I was not aware of those S2S awards. They go a long way towards the S2S achievements I was thinking about.

Thanks for the link

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Have fun with it, Andrew!

Note that the Award requests are checked thoroughly: For each unique s2s QSO listed there must be present a 100% accurate confirmation in the SOTA DB (date/time/both calls/both summits).
You will be amazed at the many typos logged in the DB, hi.