S.l.a.b. - power

Well Marc G0AZS I was wondering if you have used your SLAB yet?.

I did order one and did not have to charge it up as they had already done this before sending it off which was good of them.
Infact my brother ordered two and he got 10% off the price so that was a bonus.

I’m going to put the 706 on it and see how long it will last as i do a lot of 2m talking here in York with the lads from the club so will run it at 50w one day and 40w another and see what its like on it.

de G0VWP

Hi Terry

Still waiting for mine to arrive, unless it’s sitting at home right now.

I’ll be interested in your results as I’ll try and use it next week on 2m SSB one evening… nominally at 10w into the Sotabeam… but maybe it’ll take 20w seeing as it’s SSB and not FM.

Anyway, look forward to hearing how yours goes.

73 Marc G0AZS

PS I got a follow up from shipper saying the next order could have a discount on the purchase and a discount on the shipping charges too.

In reply to G0AZS:

I received mine at 0800hrs yesterday morning with the young brother banging on the door.

I have it on the battery at the moment used it for an hour this morning using 100w on the 706 now on 50w so will keep a report Marc and let you know how it goes.

73 Terry G0VWP