Russian Mountains

Hi gang
Have been taking a look through the latest 425 DX News, and among the forthcoming DX activity is some from various Russian Mountains.
For those who don’t subscribe to 425 DXN here is the website of the Russian Mountains award programme:-

I wonder if it would be worth approaching the Award Manager for possible inclusion into the SOTA program? Or maybe it is not SOTA policy?
I dunno, but here is the info for those of you interested.

73 de CRIS

In reply to GM4FAM:

Also check out the site of UA6HJQ Igor:

It’s all in Russian, but some information can be extracted by non-speakers also.

Today Igor OM will work from here: Гора Джуца 2-я (Псынагуаго) | памятник природы (mt Jutsa 2)
07-12UT on 7, 14, 18 MHz.


In reply to GM4FAM:

Hi Cris

We are aware of them and they are aware of us.