RTTY contest weekend

SOTA CW activators are going to have problems this weekend.

The 40m band is packed with stations in the World-Wide WPX RTTY contest, from 7025 KHz upwards, whilst 30m is congested with stations calling DX’peditions using the WARC bands to avoid the RTTY contest.


3.557 - it’s the future!

In reply to G4SSH:


as an alternative you may try to listen to my sig on 14,045 this sunday from W2/EH003 with Tom N2YTF around 1700UTC.

DF8km / DL7SAQ will be calling me there on the QRG from 1600UTC or so.

From DL the 20m the 20m beacon can be heard yesterday until 1700, so with a bit of luck and Tom’s 20W it could work …


Gerd DF9TS

In reply to DF9TS:

Hi Gerd

I shall certainly be listening for signals from yourself and Tom around that time and freq, as I am sure will many others, for their first U.S. SOTA points.

I wish you good luck and good propagation.

73 Roy

Hi Gerd

I will be listening to your sked with my beam pointing to USA. I will only be in the shack from 1645z though due to family committments.

Let’s hope for some propagation and that you have a good walk.

73 Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4OBK:

Hello Phil, Roy and whoever tried to copy us,

the sked with Chris DL7SAQ was successfull. We had however to move last minute away from 14,045 due to QRM on his side - plus we were running late (ascend icier than expected) and had the QSO from North beacon mountain which is not a SOTA summit.

Chris received us 559 with TOM’s IC706 delivering 50W into my Buddistick (“up and away” antenna). The Ppower could be reduced to 5w and Chris could still copy all, 1w was too low for him to hear us. The QSO got interrupted shortly after sunset in DL, my sig then beeing weeker than the local QRM in DL.

Before interruption Chris’ signal rose by two S-Units.

Arriving at W2/EH003 at abt. 1715Z we hoped to reach some UK stations in a similar manner but nobody answered our 20m calls at around14,045 (100W into buddistick). Band was probably closed already.

Whoever attempts 20m SOTA-DX from W2/EH-xxx next has to start earlier than us :wink:

Tom and myself did active W2/EH003 on 2m-FM/SSB. I almost had a 40m QSO with EA6UN at 2000 UTC - Jurek gave me 449 but could not copy (or believe) my call sign).

This was an extremly enjoyable day for Tom and myself. Thanks again to Tom N2YTF for the perfect preparation.



Hi Gerd and Tom,

Great activation report. I hope they’ll be a lot more activations in W2 because the only activations that have taken place so far is KC2EUS on W2/GA-082 on the 4th March 2007 and N2YTF on W2/EH-003 on the 2nd November 2008 and last nights activation of DF9TS and N2YTF on W2/EH-003. W2 does need a lot more SOTA activity in my opinion.

Jimmy M3EYP