RSGB International Low Power Contest

Noticed this on the calendar for today. I’ll have a dabble in it, probably just in the morning session.

The exchange is a bit unusual - RST + SN + PWR expressed as W.

Eg 599 023 10W

(But stations over 10W send QRO instead of their power!)

As it’s a contest, I won’t be self-spotting - but as it’s a CW contest, the RBN (hopefully) will - and I have alerted, so RBNhole will tell chasers where I am! Hence this post to explain what’s going on with the exchange!

Is it not next week Tom :thinking:



Hahaha… :hushed:

Thank you Victor!

Well I’m at the parking spot now, and factor 50 applied, so I’ll head up and do something…

Note to self - don’t try and read the RSGB Contest Calendar after a late gig and four hours sleep…!

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There was me thinking that you had spotted a loophole in the rules. QSOs at or past the end time will not be accepted - tacitly suggesting that QSOs a week early are perfectly fine.


I had a QSO this morning with GR2HQ who describe themselves in QRZ as: “UK (RSGB) IARU contest HQ team - July 2021”. I guess this should read 2022 instead of 2021.

I’m not sure what role they are playing. They didn’t give anything away other that “59 RSGB”, no SN etc.

Hard to keep with all these special callsigns! :slight_smile:

IARU HF Championships. Regular stations send RS(T) and ITU Zone. HQ stations send RS(T) and their society abbreviation.

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Thank you. Contesting is an area I have never tried. It all sounds a bit frantic but clearly has a big following.