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Hi All,

Just a quick one for all Foundation License holders or even Intermediate??

I have just used my Sota activator log (M6ADL) to apply and gain the RSGB Foundation Award.

you can put forward all contacts made using your Foundation Callsign within your first year.

The award is based on 50 points = Bronze, 75 points = Silver and 100 points = Gold.

There is 1 point for each unique callsign on 2m and 6m and 2 points for each unique on 4m and 70cm.

For all those who enjoy contests and Awards this is another avenue for a certificate. (at a cost of £3 admin fee). Check out RSGB website for details and see what you can achieve!!



Thanks for the info Tony.

But what is the use of a foundation license award if it cannot be otbtained on HF.

Maybe at RSGB they forgot “foundationers” can also work on HF?


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Hi Peter, sorry I don’t know why they haven’t including HF?

The only reason I can think is that because of 10 watts max power and HF conditions being poor sometimes, maybe they think Foundation licensees can get more QSO’s on VHF/UHF ?? Therefore increasing the chance of achieving the award, as the rules are you must have made the contacts in the first year?



RSGB awards are split into three sections: HF awards, VHF awards and IOTA awards. The Foundation Award is one of the VHF awards, hence why it doesn’t include HF work.

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Thanks Tom,



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It’s an interesting thought Tony. It’s £6 for independents. I wonder if I’d struggle to gain a lot of points because of the majority of my VHF transmissions being with SOTA people? The log does feature the star Welsh mountain Chasers and activators a lot so has a limited number of callsigns. Thank heavens it doesn’t ask for QSL cards. I don’t think they’re easy to come by in the Black Country! {;¬D

On the plus side a Wouxun KG-699E is on order from Gibraltar plus Garex patch leads and a J-pole per the Summitbase articles will be made . So double points for 70MHz will be possible. All I need are two working legs! The Practical Wireless 70MHz and 144 MHz QRP contests in 13 and 14 June respectively look interesting but I’ll probably attempt these from the back garden instead of say Cadair Berwyn. 73
David M6WOW

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Hi David, hope your R&R is going well?

I actually printed off my Sota Log and deleted duplicate callsigns and found I had 102 points,so its worth checking? Yes if you not a member its more expensive.

Good luck with the Wouxun,thats the same as the one I use and when conditions have been right it worked well, as usual its down to the antenna.

I dont know If I will be uphill for the 4m contest on Saturday, but certain to be up a summit for the 2m ssb contest on the sunday.