I have posted this message on the reflector and the 5megs reflector as well. However presumably in future this will also be the place for this kind of post so I thought I’d put it here to!

Hi all
I was wondering if anyone has had this problem.
I took delivery of a new computer and router yesterday. Setup was very easy and the internet connection superb. The “only” downside is the appaling hash on 5 megs. The noise doesn’t appear to affect any other amateur bands. In order to complete qso’s on 5 megs I am having to disconnect the power to the router.
I haven’t really started a serious investigation yet, but does anyone have any suggestions as to where to start? Has anyone else had this problem?
The router is from a company called “Redten” as is the computer.
Quentin GW3BV

In reply to GW3BV:Hi there Quentin or should I as a mere human bow down before the omipresent Q, What would Jean Luke Picard do? :0)

I had a problem with a faulty router power supply (one of those plug in the wall ones) which started as hash on spot frequencies on 2m and then became worse until I had S9 of hash from 160m to 23cms. If you can try the PSU without the router attached then if that works get them to replace the PSU, if not tell them you want a new router. I would tell them it is putting lines on the TV. The chances of explaining 5mHz to them and them understanding is fairly remote so it’s a forgivable white lie.

Best Regards 73 de GW7AAV, Steve