Round Numbers

Hi all,

Is it only me or do you also get a satisfying feeling when approaching round numbers?

For example, after the activation I did last Saturday on HB/OW-016, I realized that I reached exactly:

  • 300 activations
  • 200 unique activations
  • 9000 S2S points

An issue with such round numbers could be that I hesitate to change them … until I think about the nice feeling I get when being out in nature and playing with the radio. This definitely satisfies me more than any round number :smiley:.

73 Stephan


It’s not only you.

I’m currently aspiring to achieve:

4000 activations
500 activator uniques

Your reluctance to do further activity that would reseparate you from your nice round numbers will find empathy with Gerald @g4oig and Paul @g4md who cling steadfastly to their 100% uniques :smiley:


No, yesterday I had worked 40.000 activators.


Hi Lars, 40.000 was your total summits worked or total activation’s :wink:

Hi Eric,
SOTA Results and Summits Database / Chaser Roll of Honour / Activators Worked
Now 40049, yesterday 40000


I was looking on Unique Summits Chased :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

73, Éric


Thanks for your feedback.

It seems I’m not the only one that is into multiple round numbers, but tomorrow the chaotic numbers will be back :cry:.

Again, the SOTA scheme is very well thought out so that everyone can choose the numbers he/she is interested in, apart from other exciting aspects :smile:.

Enjoy the hobby and 73, Stephan


Uniques need to come with a health warning. Although I’m seriously hooked, I cannot honestly recommend them unless you enjoy the planning as much as the execution or have the need for a totally new experience every time you ascend to a summit.

From the perspective of Uniques, round numbers come along from time to time, but they are generally of secondary importance. Having said that, I am getting increasingly keen on achieving Double Goat on Unique summits before I hang my boots up. :grinning:


Hi Stephan,

Thank you for giving me a chance to attend your party = our S2S between HB/OW-016 & SP/BZ-059 was very nice - loud & clear.
I wish you for future only loud & clear cases in SOTA activity :wink:

73, Jarek

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Congratulations Stephan @HB9EAJ on your round numbers :+1:

See you soon in a QSO :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Not just me then - pedantically avoiding re-activations until I hit the next MG … or maybe the one after!


…and I thought it was just me that liked round numbers. I am on 493 points, 49 completes and only 1 summit short of my first complete area but there isn’t any way of getting everything on the same activation… unless anyone is activating Tosson Hill??

Hi all,

For me this is what I call round numbers: :crazy_face:

In Yellow a remarkable result in all parts, numbers of unique summits, total of unique summits worked and and the percentage which can only be 100% ! This is the brilliant result of Bob @G3VXJ :clap:
Jan @OK2PDT you miss one to join Bob :+1:

Why is this result remarkable?

Look at Mike’s @DJ5AV who only has 2000 unique more but must have made 47135 more QSO’s than Bob and I’m not talking about Manuel who shoots everything that moves :crazy_face: 76199, maybe more now !!
Bob my congratulations for these round numbers, for me it is the top for a chaser.

NB: This is the world wide result

73, Éric