Rombalds Moor 100th

Congratulations Geoff (G4CPA)And your Border Collie Abby on the 100th activation of Rombalds Moor NP028.All the Best Geoff G6MZX

Morning Geoff,

I don’t think it is Geoff’s 100th activation of Rombalds Moor. It may be the 100th activation of Rombalds Moor by all activators. NP-028 shows as having been activated 98 times in the Database. I’m not sure who activator 99 would have been as neither the Database nor SOTAwatch Spots indicate, but presumably Geoff knows - maybe it was even him yesterday!

Of course, if someone enters a log they’ve been sitting on for a few weeks, it changes everything hi!

I might be having a wander up there myself in the not too distant future, as there aren’t any obvious unique candidates to pair up with Cracoe Fell G/NP-032.


In reply to M1EYP:
Hi Guys im back, yes its the 100th activation of the summit,as M0RCP/p
Rick did it yesterday at no 99,wel’l see!

Nice one Geoff. Fingers crossed that someone who has done it isn’t about to upload six months worth of logs hi!


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Hi Tom,Yes its a possibility,The car park was a real mess, last night some people had a pyrotechnic display and take away meals, and left all the rubbish
everywhere,very expensive fireworks judging by the empty cases.
Also lots of fly tipping en route,a reflection of a certain element of society no doubt, very sad!! enough of my moan.

73s to all, Geoff G4CPA

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Hi all,

I have now submitted my activation log. As a result the database now
indicates G4CPA as being the 100th activator of NP-028. HOWEVER I notice
that 2E0OYG/P appears to have activated NP-028 twice on 30/10/08 and while
this appears to be within the rules there is a possibility that one of
these claimed activations is spurious.

I await clarification of this point and hasten to add that I do not
intend to rush out and redo Rombald’s moor this evening.

73 Rick M0RCP.

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Hi Rick,tnx fer qso yesterday, i also won’t be rushing out to do it
agn,HI ,the wind was extremely cold early morn,

73 Geoff

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Hi agn Rick,i did Rombalds agn this morning just to be sure hi,

73de Geoff G4CPA

In reply to M0RCP:

Will have a word with Brian 2E0OYG, definately a mistake and should read 2E0OCC his son Nathan who was in company with him at the time of the activation.
Hope this helps and clears up the discrepancy.

Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to G4CPA:
Hi Geoff Are you trying to compete with Tom on The Cloud. ATB Geoff

In reply to G4CPA:

Hi Geoff

Congratulations on your achievement.

I take it you’ll now be aiming for 100 personal activations
of Rombald’s Moor.

73 Rick.

In reply to M0RCP:


I made an error when uploading the the activation as there were three of us up there M6MIJ, 2E0OYG and 2E0OCC. I’ve now corrected my error and all should be well.

73’s Brian 2E0OYG