Rod and Viki in GM

Many thanks for all the contacts. This was not the trip as originally planned; low snow and a vicious wind had a drastic effect on the summits list. Particular thanks to the GM amateurs who replied to our calls on 2m FM; as many were not chasers perhaps their friends would pass this on.
Hope to do something for SOTA news with more details. 20 GM summits, so 40 activations between us and not many more points.

Rod, M(M)0JLA and Viki, M(M)6BWA

Good stuff both. 20 GM summits is a spectacular haul for one trip. Jimmy and I got numbers something like that in our South West camping trip of 2010 - but:

  1. They were English summits, not Scottish summits (there is a big difference!).

  2. We had glorious weather throughout, not Scottish snow and wind (there is a big difference!). In fact the wx was so good we we forced to take two days off SOTAing and go to the beach.

Much respect to you both.


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Even better Tom, they polished off a fair number of Glen Lyon summits. Some of the less famous lumps there are magnificent in their settings. Not only do you have the splendour of Glen Lyon as you climb up but when you summit you can have some truely outstanding vistas.


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Thank you for your very kind remarks.

We did have some super walking and wonderful views. I have to admit to being pretty tired but we did summon up the energy to break the long journey south for a very pleasant wander up Hutton Roof Crags (G/LD-052) and take advantage of the best weather of the holiday.

Very best wishes indeed to you,


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We did enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding and more distant summits, especially on the very clear day when we did our only Munro, Meall Buidhe, CS-040. Visibility was less good on other days when we visited smaller summits but views of the nearby ones and the Glen were really beautiful. They also revealed the extent of snow cover and kept us firmly focused on the little hills. Some of these were quite hard enough!

Sorry we didn’t speak, but that is how things are with radio.


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Hope you and vicky had a good time rod it was a real pleasure to work you from so many of the summits look forward to working you both very soon again all the best for now Dave M3XIE.

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Glad to work you both S2S (Hutton Roof Crags) from Bengray on your way home yesterday. 20 GM summits sounds pretty good to me even if not what you planned!


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“20 GM summits sounds pretty good to me even if not what you planned!”

Indeed, I’ve just looked and I’ve only 21 activations in the whole of 2013 and 3 of those are south of the Solway and I’m a tad closer to the GM summits.

Good effort to you Rod and Viki and nice to catch you for the summit to summit. I did take the handy into work during the week but I don’t think it’s the best path to Glen Lyon so sadly didn’t hear you.

I imagine you found a better way down from CS-040 than me, I ended up just tramping across the bog after not making a mental note of where the big sign/map said the track was.

Iain, MM3WJZ

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Thanks for the comments and more thanks for all the contacts. I have nearly completed the log and you seem to feature in almost all my 40m activations, even the one with only two contacts (CS-100).
Looking forward to further contacts but no SOTA planned for a few weeks.


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Well done, Rod and Viki,

Thanks for the s2s. Sadly, I was working at Thorpe Camp over the weekend and was unable to make anymore s2s with you.

Catch you on the next one.

73 Mike

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Many thanks for the s2s. It made a good end to the last activation of the holiday. Hope you enjoyed the day; it was the best weather of our holiday so we decided on the completely unplanned visit to Hutton Roof Crags; a very pleasant little hill.

Good to make our first contact and hope for more in due course.


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Thanks for the s2s; sorry we didn’t make contact again. Hope you enjoyed your day; it was one of our best. We did find the path on CS-040 but lost it on the way down and had to use the GPS to get back to the upward route.

Looking back through the log I see that I managed to chase you on one of your previous activations (CS-140 in November?). Hope for more sometime.


Edit Wrong summit; it was GM/SS-218; Rod

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Yes, thanks for finding me; Ricky also managed the s2s so it was a good one for me.

You missed nothing at the weekend; we went over to 2m FM only because of the wind and the length of the walks. Hope you had a successful visit to Thorpe Camp.

No immediate plans for SOTA but hope for a bit of chasing.


Edit: I realize I have mixed up my days. We did CS-122 and SS-221 on Saturday, with 21 40m contacts including 6 s2s, so you did miss something. Hope work was VERY successful. Rod