7.3.2014 Schoenberg HB0/LI-009

My alert was HB0/OE9AMJ/p for HB0/LI-???

I called: CQ CQ HB0/OE9AMJ/p
Did I sent the call not correct? Some dots to much? It`s cold and not so comfortable on top of the mountains to handle the paddle. I tried it a view times, but I got no spot from my appreciated RNBGate.
Except one time. I think I sent by mistake one time “CQ CQ OE9AMJ/p”. I got a spot.

Vy 73, de Arno

In reply to OE9AMJ:

There are 10 spots from today for OE9AMJ/P but not a single one for HB0/OE9*. The spots for OE9AMJ are from two different bands and three different time points. It is unlikely that you made keying mistakes on all these occassions.

I have observed a similar case when I was operating as DL/OE5EEP a few weeks ago and could not get out a spot. It worked without problems last week though when I was on DM/TH-470. I wonder how the skimmers handle call signs with a country prefix. Anybody any insight?

Heinz, OE5EEP

In reply to OE9AMJ:

Arno, here is the FAQ for RBNGate…


You should be OK with HB0/OE9AMJ/P in the alert. Maybe there was something else wrong, I’m sure Eric KU6J will see this thread and check his logs and comment if there was anything amiss.


RBNGate spots for DL/F5HTR/P seem to have made it through the system from skimmers to RBN to SOTAwatch, so the system works at least some of the time with a CEPT-style country prefix. The lack of spots on RBN for HB0/OE9AMJ/P suggests it’s probably the skimmers having trouble, but figuring out why might be tricky. The 10 spots on RBN for OE9AMJ/P were from 9 different skimmers. 2 were on 7032.1 at the same time, and 8 were on 10117.3 (or .4) within a five-minute window, so I’d guess at least 3 distinct CQ calls were heard…

In reply to OE5EEP:

7.March 2014
I was active as HB0/OE9AMJ/p on HB0/LI-009

10.March 2014
OE/VB-279 I worked on 30m
OE/VB-265 on 30m and 12m

15.March 2014
I called on 10.117MHz with no answer.
I changed to 7.032MHz and 20 hams answered my call.

arno oe9amj

In reply to OE9AMJ:
There are three RBN spots for HB0/OE9AMJ/P on 7 March
SK3W SM EU 24911.7 12m HB0/OE9AMJ/P HB0 EU CQ 25 07/03/14 11:57 22 CW
W3LPL K NA 24911.7 12m HB0/OE9AMJ/P HB0 EU CQ 16 07/03/14 11:57 22 CW
5B4AGN 5B AS 24911.8 12m HB0/OE9AMJ/P HB0 EU CQ 19 07/03/14 11:58 23 CW
and five for OE9AMJ/P
HB9DCO HB EU 10114.4 30m OE9AMJ/P OE EU CQ 5 07/03/14 10:08 22 CW
DF7GB DL EU 10114.4 30m OE9AMJ/P OE EU CQ 18 07/03/14 10:08 22 CW
F6IIT F EU 10114.5 30m OE9AMJ/P OE EU CQ 20 07/03/14 10:08 22 CW
S55HHH S5 EU 10114.4 30m OE9AMJ/P OE EU CQ 7 07/03/14 10:08 22 CW
R6YY UA EU 24911.7 12m OE9AMJ/P OE EU CQ 18 07/03/14 11:58 23 CW

73, Hans PB2T

In reply to OE9AMJ:

I called: CQ CQ HB0/OE9AMJ/p
Did I sent the call not correct?

Hi Arno,

The key to getting spotted by RBN is to:

  1. Send “CQ” at least twice. If there is a “SOTA” in there after the second one, that’s OK too.
  2. Follow those by “DE”
  3. Follow “DE” by your callsign at least once, twice is better.
  4. Send with a good fist, at a constant speed.

It looks like you may have been omitting the “DE”, so that would cause the skimmers to have trouble processing your CQ’s.

On March 7th my software logs show that RBNGate received RBN spots of you twice. The HB9DCO skimmer heard you at 1008z on 10.1144 MHz using callsign OE9AMJ/P. RBNGate then spotted you to SOTAWatch. Perhaps leaving out the “DE” caused the skimmer to miss your HB0/ prefix(?).

The second time was at 1157z when the SK3W skimmer heard you as HB0/OE9AMJ/P on 24.9117 MHz. RBNGate did not forward this spot to SOTAWatch because OE9HRV had already spotted you on that frequency at 1151z.


Eric KU6J

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