Rig Problem

Hello all,
I visited summit OK/JC-019 today. I had problem with my rig PFR-3. First could not start VFO and next was wrong the keyer. Sometimes was frozen. I thing the rig don’t like low temperature. Today was -10C on the summit. Now Im drying the rig, but please be patient tomorow, I take the same rig agin.
Jirka OK1DDQ

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Sorry to hear about the rig problems. You might try bubble wrap or an insulated mailing bag around the rig to keep the cold away. Also keeping your equipment in the car and not in the boot or hatch area while travelling to the parking spot may help. Usually the inside of the backpack is 9C from the heat of my back, so leaving the rig in the bag while operating keeps it warm.

All the best for tomorrow.

73, Gerald

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Maybe a chemical ski boot warmer pad wrapped up with the rig would help.