Rich, N4EX, reaches 75,000 chaser points


People like you make SOTA so much more enjoyable! You’re in most of my activator logs. More and more you’re waiting for me at the start of a new band…and you never step on toes!

You set the standard. You’ve used your activator experience to be an expert chaser. Every time I hear your call, I’m glad I climbed the mountain.



Thanks for all the kind words. It has been said by others many times in many ways before on this reflector, but I feel compelled to say it again: During my entire ham career (54 years this May 22nd), I don’t recall being associated with such courteous and considerate operators as the SOTA group.

NPOTA has been a nice diversion and I hope to do a few SOTA/NPOTA activations during the year but I think I will be happy to be back on the SOTA saddle again by year’s end.

73 Rich N4EX



Impressive Rich! Nice job!
Mike W6AH