Rhys Jones

A treat for Jimmy and I last night was attending a lecture and presentation by the young mountaineer Rhys Jones at Jimmy’s school. It was absolutely excellent and most entertaining. Rhys Jones completed climbing the seven continental peaks when he summitted Everest on the day of his 20th birthday.

I only had rathy sketchy last minute details about the event, which, it turned out, was to raise some funds towards a group of sixth formers to do an expedition and community project in Morocco. If I had known more about it earlier, I would have posted it on here. It was a great night, but there were far too many empty seats!

Rhys Jones does a lot of public speaking now - in fact it is how he makes his living, whether doing motivational speeches for companies or mountaineering presentations for clients of his sponsors. And we got to see him for a fiver each! If you ever get the opportunity to see one of his talks, I would heartily recommend you do so.