Returning to the Welsh Borders

Hi all, as some of you are aware, I have been absent from playing SOTA for sometime. With the odd occasion recently of trying but failing to even reach the AZ due to my disability.

Well, I am after numerous Operations and lots of Psychology sessions, I have found myself in a better place. I have planned a few Activations, and this weekend 30/31 April will return to my favourite Welsh Borders.

This time round following on from my failures over the last few years, will definitely be up on the summit and will be CQ’ing. So my Alerts are on and I have a greater determination to succeed, so if there are chasers for me they will not be disappointed.

I have greatly missed being up the Summits and will now be returning to as many as possible ( the ones that I know I can do anyway).

Really looking forward to having contacts with some old Friends, SOTA Guys and Girls!



Get news Tony. Conveniently located in Hereford I shall, as always, be listening out for Welsh Border activity. I hope our paths cross next weekend and we are able to have a SOTA QSO.
All best wishes and 73,

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Thanks Ian, Will listen for your call and I will be self spotting up the three of them, guaranteed 2m SSB activity as that’s always been my M.O! but will always have a HH for back up on 2m FM.

Also as always my “Sidekick” Elaine, my XYL (SWL) will be up there with me, in fact it was her that got me returning back to radio after a while QRT! (She misses the Hillwalk’s) :wink: She may even do my logs while I concentrate on radio??

Cheers Tony

Good to hear that you will be visiting the Welsh Borders at the weekend and I hope we will have a chance of a s2s as I hope to be on May Hill (G/WB-019) on Sunday morning. Time uncertain at present as M0JLA will be competing in the orienteering event on the hill that day and we are not sure where we will be parked. With a bit of luck might be able to talk to you on Pole Bank (G/WB-005). Hope all goes well.
73 Viki M6BWA


Hi Viki, thanks for your kind words, yes I have left a two summit Sunday, just because of the easy access for me. Saturday is one only as I am combining some Touristy bits with XYL in the afternoon.
Will spend as long as possible on all three at the weekend, taking spare batteries. I am always looking for S2S, especially to grab unique Chaser points at the same time.

I am looking forward to the trip, as I feel confident of getting up to the AZ easier than lately.

73 Tony & Elaine

Hi Tony and Elaine! I’ve been listening to your activation this morning, via the webSDR at Hack Green (as I can’t hear you on the turnstile array in my loft). I called Tony G4DEE just as you were signing with him, but you’d already QSY’d.
It’s good to hear you back on the air, and I hope that you both enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air up on the hilltop.
73 de Ross (and regrads from all your friends on the 23cm net).

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Hi Ross, Shame I didn’t get you in the log, I will be doing a full report of the weekend on Monday on here. But I only just got the 4 contacts needed for a qualification. No Radio gear at home anymore, only portable from now on, will try to find a summit closer to you next time?!

Best 73 Tony & Elaine

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