Results from first PNW NQF

The PNW NQF was a bit of a lark cooked up to take advantage of the much more organized SoCal SOTAFEST and Ham14er events on August 7th and 8th. To my surprise, it went pretty well: we got a bunch of people on hilltops and they made a lot of contacts. Here’s some of the data:

  • On Saturday, there were fifteen SOTA operators on summits in Washington and Oregon.
  • Eleven posted alerts on SOTAWatch and included PNW NQF in the alert comment.
  • QSOs: 341
  • S2S QSOs: 179

From the data I received, it looks like the average S2S QSO was six points and at least half of the S2S contacts were out-of-state. In addition to Washington and Oregon, S2S contacts were made with Nevada, Wyoming, California, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and British Columbia.

Up here, we have declared the first annual PNW NFQ a success. Thanks to all the SOTAFest and Ham14er ops who answered S2S calls. We all had a blast!

73 Bill K7WXW