All being well, I will be doing a few simple summits this weekend around the southern part of the Lake District. There are plenty of online discriptions and routes but how many still return to books?

Planning on being at Norbreck Sunday to catch up.



A wonderful series of books, endearingly old-fashioned in places but good reads for rainy days and planning sessions! I also find the old Poucher guides still useful though less complete.


I do! I found this one really useful…

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Books are special. Most of the technical stuff I do now is via PDFs. But occasionally it’s good to have some real dead-tree info! I managed to save some original W. Stevens Unix Network Programming Books and some other classics of software engineering from the skip when we moved office this time last year. Fabulous things and I can also use a pile of them as axel stands too! Try that with a PDF on screen!