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Report Sota F/AM-388 Mont Fracha by F6HBI

This is Gérald F6HBI,
Many thanks to every one who worked me yesterday from F/AM-388.
I guess it was a bit difficult to ear my sigs, not because of the Naval Contest, but
because of my poor antenna system!
“mea culpa” i had forgotten (early in the morning) the mast to support the dipole at home!
Then, I had no choice to put the dipole up a small tree about 3 meters hight.
Reference Sota: F/AM-388 is also WFF:FFF-140.
QSO:113 (26 Dxcc) 29 qso on 7 Mhz, 66 qso on 10 Mhz, 18 qso on 14 Mhz.
Log is ok on eQsl and LotW and the sota database.
Photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/GEOF6HBI
73’s and cuagn. Gérald

In reply to F6HBI:

BJR Gérald

Tres beau reportage

Merci pour le (s) QSO et au plaisir
73 QRO
F5SQA / Daniel