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Report of activity F/AM-461 by F6HBI/P

Hello All,
It has been a very great pleasure for me.
Yesterday from Mont Vial F/AM-461, the condx were all Ok.
Wx was cold but fine and the bands in good shape.
I used a FT817 (less than 5 watts)and an inverted dipole. (no tuner!)
I got 196 Qso (2 dupe) on 7 bands (10m to 40m)and spend 4 hours on summit.
on 20m i had to use split frequencies (first experience for me)!
Thanks to all chasers and hope to cu in 2013.
Gerald F6HBI
log ok on Sota-base, LotW, E-Qsl. Pictures here:


In reply to F6HBI:

Nice pictures ! I’ ve been waiting for 30 mtrs contact,but I’ve just missed you. Had to go.
Hope to work you on other activations. Nice work!
Tonnie, PA9CW.

In reply to F6HBI:

Hi Gerald, Thanks for the contact on 17m yesterday. I listened for you on 10m 12m & 15m but you were not readable here in Blackburn, partly due to local noise. On 17m you were a very good signal & very easy copy.

Very nice photos too!

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to F6HBI:
Hello Gerald!
Thanks for the QSO on 40m with a nice signal, and for the pics!

merry xmas and a hny - cu in 2013!

73 de Chris

In reply to F6HBI:
Stunning 599 sigs on 17m Happy Christmas Gerald, GW4ZPL John.