Report from Slieve Binnian, GI/MM-003 WAB J32:

Weather wise this was a good day to climb Binnian, but propagation was terrible. Of course 2M was fine, got 10 contacts, furtherest north was Coleraine, Co Antrim. I did hear GB stations but no contacts. 40m was hopeless, no contacts at all, I did hear G0FEX call me, Ken you were a 54 but you clearly didn’t hear me. A 2E0 station also called me but I didn’t get the full callsign and I wasn’t being heard. So thats it, some images to give you the views, we will try again!!

At the top!

Operating position, well sheltered by surrounding rock formations, North Tor to the left

Rock perspective, just at the final ascent

Taken from the first wall


Nice looking hills, I really should come over! I’ve done summits in all the upland areas of Great Britain and in the Republic of Ireland, but not Northern Ireland. Great looking country you have there!

On a good day The Mournes are wonderful.
We went back on our way to the Sperrins this year to finish them off; exhaustion stopped play two years ago :smile:

Hardly hearing anything on HF here at present QRM, noise & poor conditions all at once :rage: so have missed William altogether and hardly heard Gerald at all.

73 both,

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I only started doing SOTA in May this year, the scenery and natural beauty of the countryside make the difference. Getting out to these places is wonderful.

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Know what you mean about exhaustion Rod, it took me 3 hours to make it to the top! But it’s well worth it.