Report F/AM-328 by F6HBI

Hello All, Yesterday was my last summit for 2012.
It was a pleasure for me to say a short but sincerely HNY, sitting in the snow at over 2100m. By the way, i had to shake my deffective keyer from time to time, to get the dashes (dots were ok!) so i appologize for bad keying.
See You all in 2013. Gerald F6HBI

In reply to F6HBI:
hello Gerald
super Sota. vy good cw (once "upon a time"
a SSB activation ?)


In reply to F6HBI:
Arfff Still BLUE SKY… And in Normandy GREY !!!
Veinard !!!
Not heard you Yesterday… :frowning:
HNY See you in 2013…