Report EA2/NV-073; a great afternoon and my first

Hello Sota friends,
Yesterday I did an afternoon activation of EA2/NV-073. I had a lot of fun.
WX was good, some clouds on the way up but later it got better, sun and no wind.

I planned to use higher bands to enhance intercontinental qso.
I used a random vertical (7m) plus 4 ground wires and the ZM-2 tuner.

It worked nicely in 28, 24, 21 and 14 MHz.

When I was settling the HF I called in VHF for a while and I could log my dear sota mates EA2IF and EA2BSB. Then I did the first S2S in the afternoon with EA1IEH/P. Well the start of the activation was promising.

First qso in 28 ssb was Rich N4EX, strong as usual. Anyway, I could just log 2 qso there. I moved to 28 cw but nobody replied to my calls.

I planned to qsy to 21 but I saw a spot of NA6MG in W6/ND-229. I tuned there and there he was! I tried calling and no way at first… I got on and then Dan came back to me: EA2? I tried several times when Qsb on our signals added some difficulty.

My friend EA2LU Jorge who was listening at his Qth tried helping me announcing that it was a S2S qso. Dan was coping little by little: EA2DD?? I replied several times BD BD and finally we could log the exchange. That’s my first EU-USA S2S!! Wow, thanks Dan for your patience and Jorge for your wonderful aid.

I called for a while on 24 cw but I couldn´t log but one more station.
Then I went down to 21 ssb and I then got a number of EU chasers.
VE2JCW called me but he were unable to complete with the signal reports for him.
He requested for several times and there I was again 55 55… He said, no way, I can’t copy, and me again 55 55 55. And yeah! He finally copied the exchange.

I moved to 21 cw and worked some more EU and NE4TN with ease.

The battery was running flat so I decided my last band change to end the activation in 14 ssb. Again some more EU when I greet Barry N1EU. I haven’t heard him since long so it was a pleasure to log him once more.

When I was about to end as the sun was going down and I didn’t want to descent in te darkness, I heard EC2AG/P calling me. By the time a stronger station started chatting 3 KHz down making things much more difficult. I decided to move up searching for a clean freq, and I then could log Antonio S2S.
I did some more qso but my rig refused to get on showing a TX-error message blinking on the display, maybe because of the battery? I have never seen such thing on my FT-817 before…

During the dismantle of the antenna I ran again on VHF and I logged my last S2S with EB2FDT/P on EA2/BI-014.

In the end I logged 66 qso, being 4 S2S and making 5 intercontinental qso. Not that bad with a single random wire. Who said life is too short for Qrp?

Thanks to all chasers, it’s been a great afternoon.
Hpe CU agn soon, VY 73
Ignacio EA2BD

P.s I’ll upload my log in short to the database…

In reply to EA2BD:
Very well done, Ignacio.
Thanks for the report.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to EA2BD:
Hola Ignacio. It took some time to get your full call with the weak signal and QSB and I appreciate you sticking with it until we got it done. Thanks to Jorge, EA2LU, for signaling to me that this was a s2s, my second now with EA2. Muchas gracias mis amigos.

73, Dan NA6MG

Good work all!
Nice to see that sota spirit goes on here!
73 de Mikel

In reply to NA6MG:

Thanks all for your comments.

I just calculated the grid locator distance of our qso:
Distance between IN92BU & DM15MB is 9136.66 km (5677.523 miles), wow!!

I ran 5 watts; that makes an equivalent of 1135,5 miles/watt.
Wonderful propagation. Bless your ears Dan, VY 73

In reply to EA2BD:

Ignacio thought not hariamos S2S contacts due to delay ascending summits we got along, but I saw in sotawatch spot, and I look terrible but very close to station splater, then cleaner frequency was possible.

Also do you listen to Jabi EB2FDT s2s, was with him at the very top in a happy day and a radio mount …

73 “” Ec2ag …