Report added - Déjà vu GM5WS & GW5WS

Thursday 29th December, Ben and Fraser will be at it again.

Ben will be activating historic callsign GW5WS on GW/MW-030, 40 m and 20 m SSB.

Fraser will be activating historic callsign GM5WS on GM/ES-056, 40 m SSB and GM/ES-063, 20 m SSB

Both stations should be on the air around 0930z.

These call signs can only be used until 23:59 on 31st December 2022, so this could be your last chance to work a (SOTA) one and claim your QSL card or award from the RSGB.

73, Fraser MM0EFI & Ben @GW4BML


Fingers crossed, conditions will be on our side on 40m so we can make another S2S :+1: have a safe ascent and I’ll hopefully catch you in the morning :grinning:


A blustery and rainy early SOTA morning on the summit of ‘Stingwern Hill’ GW/MW-030 operating the Transatlantic call-sign of ‘GW5WS’. It was great to make a S2S with @MM0EFI Fraser who was also operating as GM5WS on the summit of GM/ES-056.

I managed 14 itl on 80m, 7 itl on 20m and finished with a nice pile-up on 40m with 27 which included the S2S with Fraser.

Thank you all very much for calling in - great support from the SOTA community as per normal :grinning:

Until next time, 73, GW5WS (GW4BML). Ben


Thanks for the S2S from GW5WS to GM5WS Ben! I had an “interesting” day on three summits and I’ll post a full report. Thanks to everyone who called in.

on Crock GM/ES-056, working as GM5WS on 40 m SSB