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Report 1 of May 2012 F6HBI/P trip

Hello all,
this morning in my aera, the wx was not so bad; then i decided to go for one or two summits, near Monaco.
I drove my car to the “Col de Braus” and reached very fast the Cime de Gros Braus (F/AM-522).
I started on 7 mhz with the inverted dipole and 2.5w, i couldn’t ear many station, (7 qso); then i qsy’d to 10mhz: it was a great pleasure to make about 60 qso in less than 30 minutes.
As it was no more caller, i packed and drove the car to “Col St Jean” next to the Mont Barbonnet (F/AM-619); the sky was getting cloudy, but no rain so i walked 2 km to the top of Mt Barbonnet, which is closed by very tall walls.
The place is occupied by an old Military Fort, and i could not put up the dipole antenna. I used that small shortened antenna (directly on the back of the FT817) and 2 radial tuned to 10mhz; the SWR was ok, but i could not make me heard by chaser correctly (only 9 qso!).
As i was a bit upset, i decided to climb the Mont Meras (F/AM-552) but it was impossible to reach because of the waterfall on the path, due to the heavy rain we had the days before!
I moved then to “Col de Castillon” and walked about 1 hour and a half to reach the top of Mont Ours (F/AM-557). I set up the dipole ans start “cq” when an heavy rain fall on me! Hard luck…! i manage to make some qso (6 on 40m and 5 on 30m), but i was getting wet; all my sheet-log were wet and i could’t carry on. When i reached the car 1 hour later i was so wet that i dont need to have a shower tonight (!) Good news: the logs are safe; i am just sorry for the chaser i didnt contact. Thanks for calling and i will cu agn very soon. (now i am having a cup of “Vin chaud” (hot wine) and i fell good! 73’s Gerald

In reply to F6HBI:
Quelle aventure. Je ne t’ai pas entendu sur 30m, dommage.
Cordiales 73
André - f5ukl

In reply to F6HBI:
Hi Gerald,
Usually i did not listen you, and today you were 599 ! very strange ! water is the reason i suppose !
What about tomorrow ? will you come with me for a 3 or 4 summits trek, about 20 km ! It suppose not to rain !

Have a good evening !
Bye Bob

In reply to F5HTR:
Always without me … Bad Ham !