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Replacements for Palm Keys

Looks great ! how do you like the feel ?


Hi Jc,

it is very close to the original as is also own a original.
I very like the ball locking mechanism, in comparison to the original.
The adjustability is really good, I might build a second one to try some other inside (contact) parts.

vy 73 Thomas HB9GVC

Hi Thomas,

Where did you buy the ball plunger ?

73, Patrick

CHF 0.25 | Press fit plungers,Ball plungers ,blue plastic body,pom or stainless steel ball,body dia 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm

That is what I used.


I wanted to ask a friend to print me the V3 version of your key.

In the files folder in Thingiverse, i can’t find the STL file for V3 case.
Is it the same as V2 ?

For what is the key sled good for ?


Here are some pictures to show the progress of my designs of the mini and the pico Palm Paddles.

As soon as a they have been verified by the testers, I’ll post a remix on JCs model for the mini and make them available for purchase. I have designed a additional style of paddles.(Winkeyer like)

The pico is in a early beta stage, as soon I sorted out the sourcing of the parts you get a update in this thread.

vy 73 Thomas de HB9GVC

Pico model

Made mini Paddle

Comparison Mini vs Pico

Paddle styles for the Mini


JC or Thomas,

Can you answer about the V3 case missing in the Thingiverse package as well for the key sled ?

73 and thanks,

Patrick,I can answer that.

The case V2 works also for the V3 parts.
Here my version.

A fellow maker printed the parts for me. Using them with the morserino32 cw trainer.

  1. Joe

Thanks Joe.

I have to wait until my colleague comes back to work (illness), he is my 3D printer !! HI HI

Your version looks good. Working as expected ?

73 Patrick

Yes, I made a simplifed version just glueing some brass pads at the paddles. So I can not adjust the distance individually.
But that’s fine for me.
Just waiting for the magnets to arrive. At the moment just having a piece of foam as “spring”.
But in general it works well.
Also happy with the print quality. The red case is PETG and the paddles are PLA.

73 Joe

Sorry for the lack of responses.

The files were posted on Thingiverse with a license preventing Commercial Use.
It seems that HB9GVC has decided to go ahead and make a commercial version.

Here is what the license on thingiverse says:

There are few improvements that are ready, but now, I wonder if I will publish them.


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Thats correct for your design and I have made my own designs / Models.
As you might have seen, are in my design facilitate other components and a spring and not magnets.
I have as well build other paddle styles

I do not care about your designs anymore cause I have based my models on the original Palm Paddle.
As you might have seen the small one is a replica of the pico paddle which is as well a complete new design form the ground up.

As I previously said, my designs will be published on thingeverse as soon as they verified by some advanced CW operators.

In the sense of HAM-Spirit my intention is to keep the mini- and pico paddle accessible to the mobile operators. That involves as well selling ready build items for those who not have access to a 3D-Printer.

As I see that you are judging me for something I did not do and never intended to. As I tried to find a solution in a private discussion you now blackmailing me for something i did not do.

I hope that clarifies the situation.

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I’m not going to add anything more to that conversation. Just observing that the original palm paddle use a PCB as the flexing area, does not use a 3.5mm jack, and neither a ball plunger for detent.

But, in any case, the files for the current design will stay accessible on Thingiverse, as the original goal for my work was to make sure that I would have a good alternative if my current palm radio paddle dies, or more likely if i loose it.

Back to chasing and activating …


Keep on the good work !
You’ve made a nice key and i’m sure that it will have a good success once completely optimized.

I’m still waiting for my colleague to dome back from sick leave, but it looks like he has no intention do that shortly…
He’s the only one that i know who has a 3D printer. Maybe it’s time to think about buying my own printer ?

Thomas, i’m waiting for your own version to be published on Thingiverse and see what something new it brings compared to that of JCs one. It looks very similar by now.


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Here is my version:
fixed distance and neodemium magnets.
works !! thanks file w6ipa !

de 9a6cw


This is great :+1: - I see that you have ingeniously adapted it !
If the magnets are not fixed to the transparent base - you should easily be able to glue them on screws using instant glue in gel form.

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its fixed with epoxy glue. temperature stable…
The few activation will show mechanical stability


On Thingiverse, W6IPA is recommanding 1/8 or 1/16 thick magnets for his paddles.

I found some magnets 1/8 x 1/16 " on ebay, also advertised for 3 x 1.5 mm. Search for 173384504513
100 pieces for less than 10 USD… (i can build a LOOOOT of keyers with that)

Are thess one good ?

73 Patrick


The magnet should be smaller than the set screw you are using. The model use 4mm - so these should be good. You want to play with the strength and distance. Neodymium magnets use the following strength : N52 (strongest) to N35 (weaker). Yours seem to be N35. They should be good but you may have to position them closer if you need a lot of resistance.
Here is the calculator I used:


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I found another seller with N52 strength as well as the ball plungers.
Before delivery, i hope that i can get the parts printed… :grinning:
Maybe, buying a printer would be easier !

73 Patrick