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Repeater overload on summit?


The T50-12 toroid has been replaced by a T50-17 Blue/Yellow. T50-17 Toroid, material 17, Synthetic Oxide, 20 to 200MHz, AL= 18uH 100 turns.

Mini-kits have stock.

Andrew VK1AD


Take vx6 radio to summit where there are commercial VHF transmitters.
Wonder why nobody calls you.
Call CQ SOTA on VHF again.
No replies.
Try UHF and lots of people said there was a pileup of VHF callers that you couldn’t hear.


VX-7 is the same.


To VK3SQ: I own one of each, so they were among the first radios I tested.

First test was for desense. I generated a modulated signal on the receive frequency (146 MHz.), and set it for 20 dB quieting. Then, I injected a signal on 150 MHz. and slowly turned up the level until the receiver quieting began to drop. Noted reading. Then I turned up the 150 MHz. level more until the 146 MHz. signal disappeared and noted that. I also substituted other frequencies for the 150 MHz. signal.

Next, I chose signals far removed from 146 MHz. and tested for front end overload. I also tested with wideband adjacent channels within the ham band.

The VX-2 was among the worst receivers other than the chinese radios. It was much better than the chinese radios! The VX-6 didn’t do much better than the VX-2 but somewhat better. The Icom and Kenwood portables weren’t any better. I also tested my trusty old Standard C-558 portable and found it was much better than others, but still not as good as the HTX-202 or the Icom IC-2 portable. The ADI AT-201 was very good, and could be used for SOTA work also. I have 2 of them as backups for the RS and Icoms.