Reno/Northern NV/Tahoe Meetup March 2nd 2019

Hello all, just cross posting for more coverage.
I am looking to have a meetup on March 2nd, breakfast in Reno/Sparks at 0900, and then after that we can do some activations in the area. For those coming in from out of area, maybe we do some coordinated activations on the 3rd as well, or drinks after the fact.

Yes we just got dumped on, and there is still a month to go, barring a 90 degree heatwave the next three weeks, the mountains are going to be very well setup. If we get snow leading into that weekend it could change some plans, and if you do go out, “know before you go” as it relates to avalanche and snow danger!

While talking to KC5CW this morning, I actually recognized the fact that 8 of the area resorts have lift accessible (with some work) SOTA summits.
Northstar: Mt Pluto (NS-138 Epic Pass holders)
Mt Rose: Slide Peak (WC-004)
Sugar Bowl: Mt Lincoln (NS-149)
Heavenly: Monument Peak (NS-061 3rd tallest in the area IIRC) (Epic Pass holders)
Kirkwood: With some work Thimble Peak(NS-076; Epic Pass holders) as well as 9795 (NS-378), about 1/2 to 1 mile outside the resort boundary. Skins/postholing ftw :smiley:
Alpine Meadows: Scott Peak (NS-153)
Squaw Valley: Granite Chief (NS-115)
Homewood: Ellis Peak (NS-133 with some work, or via their snowcat)

The following are also options that are not daunting snowshoes
Gold Star Peak via an ~1 mile snowshoe NS-189
Mt Watson: 2-3 miles past Gold Star Peak NS-147. Probably more of a full day outing.
Tamarack Peak via snowshoe, I have a track for this W7N/WC-003
9225 via snowshoes as well I have a track for this as well W7N/WC-005 This one is slightly easier then Tamarack,
Donner Ridge via a 2 mile snowshoe. W6/NS-181

There are a lot of smaller peaks down by Reno and Carson that should be more accessible as well to hopefully address everyones activation desires.

I will followup with the restaurant reservations based upon those that give feedback of yes…
So far I know of the following interested/coming
KC5CW Curtis, coming in from W0C
K6TW Tim (was a maybe)
Skip K6DGW
N7RR Bruce, another maybe as he swings thru W7N/WP??
Trees KB7XL
N6IZ Brian was a maybe…

Hope to see more of you. Would like to get the total number of folks so I can start lining up the restaurant, still have the earlier suggestions and I will start contacting them.
73 de N6JFD