REMINDER Dec 17/18, 2022 for DM/SA-001 and DM/NS-001

Kai, DL3HAH and I will be airing Brocken ([DM/SA-001] and Wurmberg ([DM/NS-001] on Dec 17/18, 2022 respectively running QRP on 40/30/20m CW. Rig: Icom IC-705 and EFRW.
Check or SOTAwatch for DL3HAH/P and DL1HBT/p

vy73/55, Tom (DL1HBT)

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No alert is showing?

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Hi! Alerts will be launched using RBNHOLE when we have arrived safely in our basecamp in Braunlage on Dec 16, 2022. cu, Tom

Spots are placed by RBNHole if there are alerts in place. You need to manually place the alert on SOTAwatch. Or via some app which allows setting / editing alerts.

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Hi Andy, thanks for clarification… I have just added entries to SOTAwatch for both activations. cu, Tom

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Only CW?

I thought he was only CW, which is a shame as I would love to work a Brocken activation on SSB

Paul, will see if Kai and I can find our microphones (hi)… Please check with DG8HJ, who is also heading for Brocken on Dec 17… it is always better to have a “Plan B” :wink: - cheers, Tom