Remaining Two 'G' Summits Activated

I planned to return to the Lake District on Saturday December 10, 2022 and attempt to activate my last two remaining summits: G/LD-036 - Mellbreak and G/LD-031 - Blake Fell.

If successful, I would not only have activated (and qualified) all 55 summits in the Lake District, but all 174 ‘G’ summits within the 2022 calendar year.

Snowy and icy conditions on large stretches of the M6 motorway hampered progress. The southbound M6 was blocked after a car had turned on its side in the middle lane. I was heading North and saw a van on the hard shoulder (breakdown lane) on its side and not much further a car, also on the hard shoulder, facing the wrong way. I took my time and had to adjust my alert time.

The approach roads to the first summit were generally OK except in a few places on very minor roads where the car struggled a bit but got me safely to my first parking spot.

G/LD-036 - Mellbreak

The planned parking spot was blocked off by some large tree trunks to prevent people from parking there, so decided to park at the Kirkstile Inn, as all places at my alternative parking place near the telephone box were taken.

I had seen some imposing pictures of Mellbreak before; in real life she does look very impressive for a 2-pointer.

My planned route would be the easiest, but the longest, a bit over 4.6km (just shy of 3 miles) climbing from 111m to 512m with a total ascent of 414m. Heading South along the valley flanked by Little Dodd (355m) and Hen Comb (509m) on my right, with an approach from the South. I was tempted with the shortcut from the West but noticed two walkers struggling to come down from there, so decided to stick with my original plan.

©Crown copyright 2022 Ordnance Survey. Media 041/22

The sun was out, visibility was good and I made good progress on frozen ground.

As I reached the summit I noticed I had no phone signal; restarting my phone did not help, so VHF only as I had not taken my APRS capable HH as backup.

I made 5 contacts in 15 minutes and had a good chat with regular chasers Derek (@2E0MIX), Reg (@2E0LDF), Steve (2E0XUP) (@M7XUP) operating mobile, Matthew (@M0MZB) and Richard (@2E0XGO) who was operating portable, previously M7MGO and who last month passed his intermediate. Congrats Richard!

I made my way down back to the car but had to use a different route to the next one as a car was stuck up a hill unable to go up and sliding down.

Equipment used (for both activations):

  • Yaesu FT-65E
  • Spectrum Communications Slim G
  • Sotabeams Tactical Mini pole.

QSOs logged:

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
12:37 2E0MIX 144MHz FM 59/59
12:41 2E0LDF 144MHz FM 59/59
12:45 2E0XUP/M 144MHz FM 59/55
12:49 M0MZB 144MHz FM 57/54
12:52 2E0XGO/P 144MHz FM 56/59

G/LD-031 - Blake Fell

After leaving the Felldyke car park, I made my way in the direction of Cogra Moss Reservoir, normally used for fishing but today it was fully frozen over.

Knock Murton (447m) was on my right and I could see Blake Fell for most of the walk in the distance - with the lower High Hows (313m) and Sharp Knott (482m) to the West of it - as I climbed from 200m to 573m with a total ascent of 389m.

I headed South through the wooded area to higher ground and at the clearing turned East following the fence line on my right all the way to the summit in anti-clockwise direction.

©Crown copyright 2022 Ordnance Survey. Media 041/22

It was getting darker causing the light to get the blue-ish tint you get when there’s snow on the ground.

After layering up, I set-up in the cairn taking some shelter. There was hardly any wind, but it started to get noticeably colder.

I made 12 contacts on VHF in a little over 15 minutes, the first being Reg (@2E0LDF) who was able to see Blake Fell from his QTH. I shone my head torch in his direction and he acknowledged he saw my torch light.

I was very pleased to make contact with so many regular local chasers also on this final summit including Geoff ( @GM4WHA ), Sue (@G1OHH) and Lee (@2E0LLB) . A big thank you for all your support this year, sharing your local knowledge along the way.

I had alerted for HF as well, but by the time I finished my activation on 2m FM I really started to feel the cold. I was in two minds whether to setup for 40/20m; my heart said yes but my head said no, so I packed up.
It took a little while to get warm again as I made my way back down. Whilst I felt bad I was not able to share this last summit with the regular HF chasers and thank them for their support, my decision to call it a day was the right one.

QSOs logged:

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
16:27 2E0LDF 144MHz FM 59/59
16:29 2E0MIX 144MHz FM 59/59
16:31 GM6TVR 144MHz FM 59/31
16:32 G1OHH 144MHz FM 57/53
16:33 2E0IKM 144MHz FM 59/59
16:34 GM6LJE 144MHz FM 59/59
16:35 GM4WHA/M 144MHz FM 59/59
16:36 2E0LLB 144MHz FM 59/59
16:37 M0MZB 144MHz FM 59/59
16:38 2E0XUP 144MHz FM 59/59
16:41 G4YTD 144MHz FM 56/56
16:44 GI4UPC 144MHz FM 56/56

Thanks again to all the chasers as always!

73, Robert


Wow!!! Great report and congratulations on all G in one calendar year. That’s a heck of a lot of walking and driving, let alone the radio operation too!



Thanks for a great report and photos. And huge :clap::clap::clap: for activating all of the G-summits. That is impressive work! Where next I wonder? Or are you going to put your feet up for a while?

All the best and hope to catch you on the wireless again soon,

Matthew, M0JSB


Great achievement on all those summits Robert , and some nice photos too.
Catch you again soon !

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That’s an extraordinary achievement. Hearty congratulations! But I’m glad you didn’t try HF from Blake Fell otherwise I would have probably have missed an opportunity for a complete! But it was warmer when I activated from there. :slight_smile:


Congratulations Robert, it’s amazing what determination and a plan can do - and not worrying about the WX on many occassions too!


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Thanks for the write up Robert, and congratulations on this years achievements. It really is something. Hopefully we can tackle a Wainwright or 2 with Reg sometime next year. I should be ready for an easy one anyway!

I’ve not been up Blake Fell, but if you had started a little further south, and headed through the forest, you would have been where we, every two weeks, hold training for the juniors in the Fell Running Club. We alternate between there and Sale Fell nr Cockermouth.

Thanks for all the contacts this year, and the Crac, it’s always a pleasure to catch you on the air.

Kind regards



Well Done - impressive amount of hills and miles walked! Your report on Mellbreak and Blake Fell felt like a bit of Deja Vue, I also failed to park where the logs were, but managed to squeeze in near the phone box, and just over a week ago did the same route up Blake Fell - but I did have a few more layers on and managed HF on the summit.
Q What is your challenge for 23? … I’m still working my way round NP and LD and it has taken me years…so am really impressed - and possibly exhausted just thinking about it!
Final Question - Which hill did you enjoy the most in the last year (For me it was Ben More on Mull)
73. Paul

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Hi Robert,

Congratulations on activating all of G. What a fantastic achievement. Also many thanks for all the contacts when you were in LD.

Look forward to working you again.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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Thanks Matthew!
Hopefully finish GW/SW tomorrow followed by some remaining 2-pointers in MW/NW in December.
Then hopefully activate the remaining 1-pointers early 2023. Won’t go at breakneck speed in 2023 though…
73, Robert

Thanks Gerald. Driving was the boring part. Loved the walking and operating.
73, Robert

Thanks Richard, Look forward to it!
73, Robert

Thanks John!
That view is so much better indeed!
73, Robert

Thanks Mark.
Had I lived closer, I would possibly have thought twice on a few occasions before going up; but living 4 hours away from LD, I would regret having missed the opportunity.
Speak soon and hope you get your 817 sorted.
73, Robert

If you have recovered I would certainly be up for that!

Likewise Steve. Always a pleasure.
73, Robert

Thanks Paul! I never planned at the start of '22 to finish ‘G’ in a single calendar year. It just happened. After reaching MG in April, my goal was to activate all of LD. But rain forecasted on one or more days during a weekend meant activating elsewhere in the country.
For '23 I’d like to activate the remaining GW/MW&NW summits. (mostly 1-pointers) and if possible achieve my 2nd MG.
After that, I’ll spend more time on a summit - trying different bands and experimenting with different antennas.

There have been so many. But if I have to pick one, it’s Loughrigg Fell. (G/LD-047). The moment you go through the gate, it’s like a different world with the lake suddenly appearing. 360 degree views, very popular with fell runners and families alike and it has several mini-summits. The weather that day helped.

I least enjoyed Sighty Crag (G/SB-005). Bog-trotting galore in the mist and rain. Nearly broke my ankle. It’s most unlikely I will ever go back there.

73, Robert

The pleasure is all mine Geoff. Many thanks for all the contacts and was great meeting you during the LD weekend.
Speak soon.
73, Robert


… what a somewhat emotional type of QSO! :+1:

73, Markus

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Congratulations Robert on activating all G (England) SOTA summits.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager


Congratulations Robert. That is an amazing achievement. Thanks for the great report and lovely pictures.
I hope to get you in my log on your adventure in GW/SW land today and would love to join you for a Welsh cake on a summit at some point.
73, Kevin


Well done Robert and welcome to the 174 Club. You must be one, if not the quickest to get the set activated. :grinning:

I’m sure many hold that opinion, but I keep telling myself I need to do it again just to see how bad it really was. :joy:

73, Gerald


Hi Robert,

If GW/SW-035 was in your last needed summits that you miss, today I was happy to QSO you for my last of the 41 GW/SW references! :wink:
Many thanks Robert :+1: and GL for SW-018

73, Éric


You legend! Well done, that is an amazing achievement.

Take a day off, you have earned it!



Many thanks Jimmy!
73, Robert

Glad we managed a QSO today from GW/SW-035. I’ll take you up on your offer when the weather is a bit better and we can spend a bit longer on a summit without the risk of frostbite. :cold_face:
Thanks again!
73, Robert

Many thanks Gerald!

I still owe the reflector my SB trip report. The pictures will hopefully bring back memories that nothing has changed…
73, Robert

Many thanks for the QSOs today Eric on both GW/SW-018 and GW/SW-035.
Attached my operating position on GW/SW-018.

Thanks Martin! :+1:
I did! I did take the day off… and went to activate two summits… :rofl:

73, Robert


Quite right too! :rofl: Does that mean you’ve also managed to complete GW/SW?

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Very impressive Robert, well done.

I wonder if that was on the Shap summit section of the M6. It has its own notorious micro climate and can have black ice when the road further north and south doesn’t. On my way to a SOTA activation I drove in rain up that long ascent only to find it turn to snow. Many drivers don’t slow down and I saw cars at the side of road too.


Congratulations on activating every G summit - a substantial achievement.

Congratulations on activating every G summit within a calendar year - a remarkable achievement.

Congratulations on a splendid day out of SOTA, with some stunning photographs. Inspiring me to get back out there for some winter SOTA (with my flask of soup)! Still busy busy with work, but next week…