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Relayed Reports

I would be very grateful if the operators that pass on reports to activators or chasers would refrain from this as this does not constitute a good contact and is not in the spirit of amateur radio.Thank you.

In reply to G0RQL:
Thanks that really needed to be said Don, Likewise the self appointed marshals that call on top of everyone to tell them not call on top of everyone?

In reply to G0RQL:
It would also be nice if there was a gap left before the sota police shout wrong report and cut off the chaser who is trying to fight the qrp stations constantly calling.
Another annoying thing is some chasers are asking the activator on a different band if they got there report right from before when on the other band , next they will be emailing them for the report or even phoning.
Finally there are stations that assist those who are struggling and then the few who try to be a net controller .
Still it takes all sorts.


Then there is the ACTUAL net controller, W7PHO, from 30 years ago. He would give hints about the report. You would guess at a 5-8 report and he would say “he hears you a little better”. If you couldn’t figure that out, he would tell you to go watch TV. He called it the Family Hour and I called it the Trainer Wheels Net.
Elliott, K6ILM

In reply to K6ILM:

Thankfully we have so far managed to escape the curse of “list” operations! (It’s only a matter of time …)

“Make a LEEEEESSST!!!”


Walt (G3NYY)