Seems to me there are a bunch of us following the sotas today
hearing same voives when new sota is found on the bands
rather good really

Goes to prove the sota watch is working well

making me smile listening to the mini pile ups

I just wait till it calms down and get in there on me little old 10w

now hunting me 7th of today
shame not got good prop on 40m today
and one mountion today was twice on air via two different operators


PS thanks for the correction some one pointed out on alerts this morning
been corrected :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Karl. Let us know how you did at the end of the day. Looks like there will be plenty more for you to chase while it’s raining.

AT LAST a lull in sotas 13oors there allover the place :smile:brilliant

Is this in English?


Cornish :smile:
well that was an interesting SOTA chasing day
12 stations in all
A New daily record for me

1 Romanian
6 German
1 French
1 Polish
2 Czech,s
1 Spanish

and into the 400 points one goes

all on 20m ssb

Bring on tomorrow

shame 40mb not playing ball today

spoilt for choice today for sure

M3FEH a happy sota chaser today

I suppose I would have to be called regular - at least, I don’t need any assistance from the products of the senna plant - but today was a bit disappointing: my doublet is fed with 300-ohm window ribbon and it doesn’t like the torrential rain we had today! Just two for me. :frowning:


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and were off again :slight_smile:

0914hrs OK/US-002
0920hrs SP/BZ-053
0927hrs EA2/NV-052
1055hrs EI/IE-025
1059hrs EI/IE-044

Bit of an issue not enough propagation :slight_smile:

off now chasing more

just hit me 15th broke yesterdays record well happy 1400hrs

I do not know why this thread started, let alone under the ‘Issues/Errors’ category. Yes there are a lot of errors but should it be here I wonder?


The word you want is “my”.

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Hast tha banned dialect from t’ reflector?

I can recommend you review hundreds of activation reports from a certain M1EYP if you have :wink: