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Regional Summit Lists

Last time I looked the summits lists sorted by column. This facility seems to have disappeared today.

Is this a fault or is database load being reduced?

Edit or is it this version of Firefox upsetting things again??

Once you have selected the association, and region… you should be able to see/use the header of each column and see the little grey up/down button for sorting…

Mine are hairy not crystal :wink:

A suggestion as to where you are looking such as the URL will help me see if the problem is you or everyone.

… if you’re logged in…:wink:

Yes; but it has disappeared. I am logged in; I think it must be this version of Firefox.

http://www.sota.org.uk/Association/GW/NW (and other pages too) the up/down sort arrows have gone and clicking on their empty space does nothing. I will try and see if there is an update to Firefox I have missed.


Are you running some script/adblock stuff in Firefox? If so make sure you don’t block all the nice scripts needed to make this page work.

I’m running Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit), strangely as this is a 64bit machine… but anyway it works OK for me…

Working fine at this end.

Thank you all for your assistance.

I think it may be the PC as it crashed when I tried to update :disappointed:

This is what stops it working for me.

So am I now (64bit), having tidied up and forced an update. The sort arrows have now reappeared so all is well - until next time it all goes pear-shaped.
Thanks again.