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I may be rather slow on the uptake, but I’ve just noticed that the Reflector uses UK local time (BST) whilst the Spots and Alerts use UTC. Could I suggest that the Reflector standardises on UTC also, as this will assist our non-UK members. Apologies if this has been discussed before …

73 de Les, G3VQO

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Sorry for the delay. Now fixed.

Reflector posts from this time on will be posted with a timestamp in UTC.

73, Jon

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That’s a relief - I have just had a reply from France timed 30 minutes before my original query !!


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Thanks Jon

73 de Les

…and there was I thinking I had discovered a break in the time space continuum or maybe a glitch in the matrix.

:o) Steve GW7AAV

There’s still something odd happening with the spots.

The spot by GW0VMZ at 16:17 appears to be a reply to the spot by G4OBK at 16:19.

Yesterday’s spot by myself timed at 15:18 actually appeared before the spot by GM4FAM at 15:14, because the spotted station (G3TJE/P) actually went 60m -> 80m -> 40m.

Could it be due to different access routes to SOTAwatch2 not having the same time stamp? I’m confident that my spots reflect the actual time I send them, as displayed on my radio-controlled clock and computer which is updated from an internet atomic clock source every 30 minutes.

Has anybody else noticed messages appearing in an unusual order?

73 de Les, G3VQO

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Jon’s on to it!

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Maybe there was a message that later got edited, hence had the original time.
I was’nt watching so can’t be sure.

PS Has anyone noticed that the time since last posting on the reflector is an hour out ?
This message, just posted, was 60mins ago !!!

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Sorry, missed that. Should be fixed now.

73, Jon

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Hi Jon,

Looks fine now, many thanks

I thought this had been fixed, but the twice-yearly clock swap has made a nonsense of the reflector’s “time since reply was posted” tag-lines again… – 73, Rick M0LEP

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It gets fixed, things change, it gets fixed, server changes, it gets fixed…

Time and dates, the bane of programming. The only worse thing is validating user input. You can’t make it fool proof because fools are so ingenious! :wink:


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I don’t understand why this causes a problem; are the servers not locked on to UTC time permanently?


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fools are so ingenious! :wink:

Back in the day we used to talk about REAL USERS, the folks who could find just the right input to take the system down for days…

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are the servers not locked on to UTC time permanently?

Apparently not, or at least not quite entirely:wink:

73, Rick M0LEP

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the folks who could find just the right input to take the system down for

There was a particular key-combo that brought a PDP 11/23+ running Xenix to it’s knees with great speed. Ideal for engineering a 10-minute cigarette break.

“Uh ho! The 11’s down, I’m off for a ciggy whilst they reboot it.” :slight_smile:

The 11/23+ was the only redeeming feature in a nightmare job for a nightmare company with El Diablo himself as the owner made worse by also having to use Digital Research’s b-awful CP/M-86 C compiler and 80286 PCs with 256k RAM. Shudder!

Was that really 29 years ago. Must be, I gave up the demon weed 24 years back.