Reflector Theme Changes

Some of you will have noticed a few changes in the layout of the reflector over the previous days. Everything should now be back to how it was.

An update to the software used here (Discourse) changed the default theme resulting in a quite different layout. Over the past few days, Jim G0CQK, has been working on recovering how our theme used to look, which involved restoring the missing Category column, then reverting round Avatars back to square ones and finally get the line of links back at the top.

As we now have our own theme as opposed to the default theme, next time the software is updated our theme should remain the same. Well that’s the idea.

Anyway, thanks to Jim for returning things to how they looked a few days ago.


Have to admit I wondered what different option I had pushed to make the view change! Thanks Jim

Some of you may have noticed that your avatars are missing this morning. All avatars that people have added themselves are OK - it seems that the only ones affected are those which use a default letter.

I have raised a ticket with the host and in the automatic acknowledgement response., I received:

There are currently issues with the centralized avatar service which results in some broken avatar images on Discourse sites worldwide.

We await for it to be fixed, but this might be a good opportunity for you to create your own avatar.