Reflector policy

“Policy on 'Spotting’
Only operations from valid SOTA summits may be spotted or alerted on the SOTAwatch facility.”

Just read the above on the website. It seems that policy is not being adhered to, or maybe the moderators are too busy.

As an aside, my house was either struck by lightning or had a near miss yesterday, Ive lost about 10 energy saving lightbulbs, my internet router is fried & my R.C.D. device that feeds power to the fishpond is also fried. Cant wait for global warming.


In reply to G1INK:

A filter was installed that would prevent non-SOTA summits from being alerted or spotted, but it was not activated due to concerns being raised about the problem of alerting when people haven’t decided what summit they will be doing, and the discourtesy to our colleagues in GMA, WOTA etc. This is subject to review, and you can be sure that inappropriate alerts/spots will be manually deleted at very busy times, as long as a member of the MT is watching the monitor rather than monitoring the bands or being diverted by real life!

Sorry to hear of your electrical problem, Steve, it does sound like a voltage surge…unfortunately, GW is likely to increase the number and severity of thunderstorms in the UK unless the Gulf Stream switches off!


Brian G8ADD