Reflector Email notification delayed


did anyone also notice that the email notifications for the reflector threads are sent out with quite a delay?

The email notificaitions arrive with the correct timestamp but are sent by the email server way to late.
For example an PM created at 15:38 UTC today arrived with a 5h delay - but having the correct email timestamp. So showing up in my email inbox retrospectively.
In my observation this is happeing at least since 2 or 3 month.

Maybe a missmatching timesetting between reflector and email system?

73 Joe

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I have not noticed. I got a notification yesterday about a reply to my thread and it looks like it arrived about one minute after the thread reply.

Send me a PM and let’s see how long it takes…

Hi Joe,
No problems have been noticed here. Over the last couple of days, I’ve had several PMs and the associated notification emails arrived a few minutes later, as usual.

Are you saying the online PM is late or just the notification email - if only the email, it could be something with your email provider’s SPAM filtering system? See if you can “whitelist” emails from the SOTA server.

73 Ed.

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I am replying at 6:00 UTC 14th of April. This is a Test Test Test

Seen here at 0601 UTC

Okay that worked promptly via e-mail.

Thanks for the test. Will observe that further.

73 Joe


I also got the email about 1 minute after you posted.

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