Recent solar storm

Well she did throw the dummy out of the pram other day. The sun that is.

Saw something yesterday never come across before.
While working a Austrian Sota yesterday my freq wandered off from where I was trying to work him by 10KC in either direction. Made it a little harder but still got through. Even later in day it did it again while listening to another station.

Yet despite the storms still working those Sota,s yesterday and today.


Interesting description of that on today:

The signal disruption happened on this radio path at 04:46 UTC (about 15 minutes after the CME arrived) and shifted the frequency of mine and other signals which were traversing that path.



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Presumably Doppler shift. Its a shame I was away in LD or I’d have been looking for Ar DX on VHF. Did anybody hear any Ar DX?


Hi Brian, yes I did F, ON & DJ. I did not try to work anything because of my situation health wise

73 Graham G4JZF

Caught last night at Southern Cornwall Nr the Lizard
Not often happen down here.

Would been an awesome sight from Kitt hill but got little cloudy here



Sorry to hear that, Graham. I still remember the Birmingham Mafia with pleasure!


For any interested parties there is currently an amber (visibility extends to Northern England) aurora warning in force.

Auorawatch can email you with any current warning at their web