Recent Events

Many of you will no doubt be aware that we have disabled a couple of people’s SOTAwatch accounts over the last 24 hours.

This facility is provided by the MT, at no cost to the programme or its participants, for the purpose of friendly and constructive discussion surrounding SOTA and as an enhancement to the SOTAwatch facility.

The presence of a few individuals has at various times in the past, and recently, degraded the experience of this facility for many.

We have received many emails from valued SOTA participants expressing their exasperation at the behaviour of this tiny minority. These communications have also expressed reluctance to post due to fear of being hounded and overly criticised. The MT has come to the conclusion that no further useful discussion or engagement with certain individuals is possible. It is consuming far too much of our time and emotional energy which should be invested for the benefit of SOTA on other things.

We do regret having to suspend any accounts but will act again if it becomes necessary. Most members have absolutely nothing to worry about. This action has come after a long period of private warnings, broken assurances and the like.

In common with other forums, abusive or discourteous posts about other contributors will not be tolerated. Robust discussions are welcome, but please keep it cordial.

There are at least two other independent forums where people can freely sound off to their heart’s content, so they are not left without a voice. We intend to keep SOTAwatch, which is an official, publicly visible facility, focussed on its original intent - a friendly, constructive forum for the majority of SOTA participants.

73, Jon
GM4ZFZ, Webmaster

On behalf of the SOTA Management Team