Really Rare

Now this is rare !



Heard you both on my long wire

sorry that should have been my white stick

2m SSB activations with a beam are only rare if doing them on Tuesday evenings don’t count.

And very good fun it was too. Devon (Don RQL of course @ 183 miles) and Kent were the best DX. Plenty of activity too. So long since I did a 2m SSB activation that initially I could not find a SOTA beam and then I struggled to find a suitable mast.

Especially out here. I wish there was more opportunity for weak-signal V/UHF out here.

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC – El Paso, TX.

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And another - G8XYJ/P on Titterstone G/WB-004


I felt inspired! Plus the YL was out with her friend and our dog on a socially distanced walk, so I had time to spare!

YL has hinted that she fancies doing some more hill walking (I knew buying her some fitted Altbergs was a good idea) We are eyeing up Stiperstones and some of the Herefordshire hills.
So on certain hills 2m SSB will be in full use!

73 all

Matt G8XYJ

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Now that the lockdown is relaxed, I’m looking forward to the RSGB’s evening 2m and 70cm contests. (I can’t get the points for my local hills anymore anyway :wink:). This has inspired me to dig out the portable beam and try SSB

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Enthusiastic after my reappearance on 2m SSB I might well do another local hill tomorrow. I will alert beforehand.

Although lockdown is eased in G, GU, GJ and GD, it remains in GW, GI and GM. The RSGBCC has not lifted its restrictions on participation by portable stations. Being a UK-wide entity, I expect it will only do so once the restrictions have been lifted in all the devolved administrations, similar to the approach being taken by WAB.

The following notice still appears on the RSGBCC VHF pages:

“As a result of the Government.s updated position on people’s movements, the VHFCC and HFCC have taken the decision that, until further notice, we can no longer allow any entries from stations operating from portable or alternative addresses or from multi-operator stations. Single operator entries from shared stations will also not be accepted unless the station is being shared by family members living at the same postal address.”

Tom, I presume in England you could still operate in the contests as /P, but when you submit a log it would not count or would be used as a check-log only??

If you just want to make QSOs and are not bothered about the contest points, then operating portable seems OK with me (as per the UK Gov rules)

Matt G8XYJ

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Matt, you are correct, it can be submitted as a check log.
As I have never made a contact above 70cm from home, I will be out tonight from my local SOTA G/CE-004 for SHF UKAC. Giving points away and enjoying the evening.
Unfortunately I forgot to pack my 2m antenna this morning, so won’t be on VHF before the contest starts.

Obviously that is the case; the RSGBCC has no power to overturn restrictions lifted by the PM! Andy did say “looking forward to the RSGB’s evening 2m and 70cm contests”, so I was pointing out that full participation in those as a /P was still not available. I agree, it remains a very good opportunity to engage in some VHF SSB SOTA.

What am I missing here ? Surely using a beam makes it easier to make a contact so why is it rare ?

I think the comment may be a slightly tongue-in-cheek one directed towards one rather lazy activator who often likes to use a rubber duck thereby limiting his availability to nearby chasers.

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Perhaps those of us still under lockdown could claim we are out to test our eyes? Seems that is perfectly allowable.


Another really rare category would be 70cms SSB with a beam. I hope this will change in the first week of July!

Ah Thanks Richard now you’ve explained it is comical lol

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It’ll definitely change in the second week of July if restrictions are eased in GW, GI, and GM, and the RSGBCC accepts entries from /P stations once again.

First week of July - yeah definitely. Best way to build the “unique QSO partner” count in the Challenge is to operate on the widest variety of modes possible. So I’ll definitely use 70cm SSB, as well as FM, CW and FT8.