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Really bad manners

i must be safe andy , never wear caps yay

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True, 10W is not QRP, 10W for a chaser no doubt is more decent than QRO chasers, or do I err here?
QRP chasers are rare and far between, I am only aware of 3 including myself.
What I can say is that penetrating a pileup of an activator, who is at the same time SOTA and WWFF as a QRP chaser is no walk over. Example this morning 25 January HB9CEV/P on HB/GR-103 + HBFF-0240. Took me 30 minutes to get through and 30 minutes later the pileup is still ongoing. I still wonder how I got hrough.
Patrick ON4BCA


Brave man if you only have 2m FM :slight_smile: It can be lonely on 2m at times. Though I think it’s much improved of late in GM considering the population levels compared with parts of England.

One of the joys of operating in N. Wales or the Lake District overlooking the densely populated NW of England is how easy it is to get loads of 2m FM contacts with a handy and a simple vertical. Most of the last LD event I was running the handy at just 1W and as the day wore on I pushed the power up to a heady 2.5 then 5W as the batteries lasted well.


patience (30 minutes speaks for itself)
luck (not down in the QSB )
experience (your good operating technique)

73 Armin


Insurance policy. The kx2 will be in the bag.
Anyway, I’m taking a leaf out of the microwavers book and organising my QSO’s in advance. Unfortunately two of them are in Newcastle! Maybe @GM4TOE will warm me up on the hilltop with half a kilowatt of lovely RF again?



Good man. Just need to persuade you to invest in some 13cms gear now.

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Don’t know if it’s statistically significant but I too have been getting more 2m FM contacts on GM/SS summits in the last six months (and that’s late mornings mid week).

We had the luxury of dozens of other LD activators on 2m FM that weekend [which no doubt you could have worked on 50mW had you that option]. Despite not having any big cities in the region even on a normal [non-event] weekday, the small group of keen local chasers usually ensures qualifying on 2m FM. A decent antenna improves one’s chances a lot.

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I must be doing something wrong as it never seems to happen like that on my overseas activations!



OK, just for you Andy I’ll leave it in the car, and the mast too. Handheld yagi and 5 watts. Will you be able to chase me from your spare bedroom? :rofl:

Eggs all in one basket. Failure or glory awaits.

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Is this yet another example of those “Really bad manners?” :rofl:

I had to google it BTW!

Me too. It’s a bit old skool, when you had limited characters in an SMS message. LOL

Today on Fountains Fell G/NP-017 on 20m CW I was being called by an EC8 station. I’d hear the prefix and then a loud S5 station sent his callsign 3 times so I’d send EC8?. The Spanish station would send his callsign and again, the S5 station sends his 3 times. After about 3 attempts I finally get the full callsign and we complete the QSO. Needless to say I did not work the S5 station and just pulled the plug.


You did the right thing in my book. Ignore the badly behaved station and continue trying to work the station you have partially identified. You have to show that failure to follow the activator directions will result in no QSO.

Have you checked to see if he’s claimed a QSO with you anyway?


Good advice Andy. I do the same when I experience something similar.

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

What is the Q-code for this statement when working CW so I can use it while chasing in the future?

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In this case I’d be sending

“EC8? kn” with kn sent as a single character prosign dah-di-dah-dah-dit

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He hasn’t.

I will try that next time although I fear it will make no difference.

It didn’t when he was doing it to me recently! You’re not alone in this.

What also bothers me is the intolerance in which the chaser, sitting in his little armchair, shows himself!


It has always been said that the activator is the king and he manages his time as he sees fit. There in this case we know that he had two summits at more than 2200m to climb…


Bravo José :clap:


Unfortunately, nowadays vey few people know that or any of the other common prosigns !

73 Victor GI4ONL