Reaching Mountain Goat

Yesterday I went with my friend Rob VK2QR to activate VK2SM-003 Mt Twynam.
it was a one of those rare beautiful days you can get on the roof top of Australia.
We Made the Summit in just on 2.5 hrs of steady climbing.
it is possible to climb this Summit more direct than we did ,but it is far tougher.
being my second activation of this Summit I picked it to get my Mountain Goat ,because it is a spectacular Summit and has a very good oulook
in all directions .
The first time I came here with my brother we had winds exceeding 100 klmhr we had a job to stay on our feet.
being such a great day this time .
memorable day we made it back to our vehicle at 5pm
it is definitely a one day summit you would not try to do 2 in this area
a big thank you to all the chasers and fellow activators that have shared with me contacts and lots of very enjoyable Sota activity.
Look forward to the next twelve months of Sota with more and more Interest
from New Activators and Chasers
73 Rod VK2TWR
new Goat


Congratulations on Reaching Mountain Goat, Rod…

73 Mike

Congratulations Rod, looking forward to working you on many more summits,

Well done Rod, it’ll be a long time before I get to the those dizzy heights. Hope to work you again on the way to the 2000 mark.
Dave VK4DD

Hi David you might be surprised how quick thing’s could happen your way in VK4 Sota is exploding I feel
73 Rod

Hi Ian thank you and always good to work you on a summit we have been catching up quite a bit lately
73 Rod

Hi Mike thanks Mate look forward to a s/s
73 Rod

Congratulations Rod on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Jimmy thank Mate
its been the best thing i have got involved in, and cant see myself losing interest it really is Addictive. in the right way
73 Rod VK2TWR


Congrats, Rod. … in a good way, yes it is. Great accomplishment.

CONGRATS!!! welcome to the herd :slight_smile:

Doug, W1DMH

Congratulations, Rod. A significant effort, even if you you do live in summit paradise! It’s been great to catch you on a few, and I look forward to many more. Regards, Ken

Thank you fellow Goat we move to the next level

Hi Doug thanks Mate time gets away quick on us

Hi ken thanks mate and for all the chasing to

Hi Rod Congratulations on becoming a Goat. regards Robbie VK3EK

Hi Rod,
Congratulations - you have worked hard for this. A great example for mature age amateurs. Also not many people know of your battle to get back on your feet (literally) after riding a collapsing tower to the ground.


Thanks old Mate thanks for all the regular chasing

Hi Ron thanks for the encouragement we bounce back