Re 12 Metre challenge just for MM0FMF

to quote MM0FMF from another thread:
Victor GI4ONL was 1st in GI but 159th worldwide and he didn’t earn a certificate either

Really, unless your database is completely screwed up I think you will find that with 58649 chaser points I was actually 29th in the world.

As for this statement from GM4TOE:
I am the awards administrator and the award rules were quite clear to me - a certificate for First Place and for Second Place Activator and Chaser in each Association

That was precisely my understanding of the award before it appears to have been manipulated for whatever reason.

Victor GI4ONL

We’re talking about the 2013-14 Twelve Meter Challenge Victor. The Database is working fine.

We originally said we would give out 2 certificates. After review at the end of the event, we thought it appropriate to make 34 available. Top ten activators and chasers, plus association winners in world top 25. There had to be limits as otherwise there would have been association winners with 1 point, and it was too short notice for Barry to deal with the demand.

Now, the certificate situation has been reviewed and amended for the next Challenge taking into account how things went before.

Was there ever another?

Incidentally, how may certificates were actually issued?

  1. No, but your 29th is your overall chaser score, not your 12m challenge score.

  2. No idea, Barry may have that info to hand. I know I still haven’t claimed mine!

Click View Results>Challenges>1st 12m Challenge Activator Roll of Honour. If you are logged in it will show the GI results in your case Victor.

Select “All Associations” from the dropdown box and click Show. It will show you the worldwide rankings for activators who submitted logs for 12m operations during the challenge window.

156 OK2BMA 20 8 160
=156 N6CK 32 5 160
158 KJ6HOT 30 5 150
159 GI4ONL 37 4 148 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
160 OE5JKL 21 7 147
161 M0OAT 29 5 145
162 HA7UL 47 3 141

You are 159th worldwide.

Twelve in total including 1st Activator and 1st Chaser worldwide

Ah, so there was no separation between activators and chasers

a certificate for First Place and for Second Place Activator and Chaser in each Association

That kinda makes the above superfluous

Sorry but you are sadly mistaken Victor. Here is the original quote:

i.e. 2 certificates in total not 2 certificates per association. Had we stuck to that then OK1DVM would have received the activator certificate and N4EX would have received the chaser certificate and nobody else would have received anything. As Barry says we have awarded 12 certificates, 10 more than we said we would. And for making awards available you and others are berating us. Really, are you serious about this? You are objecting to us awarding more certificates even though you didn’t qualify before and don’t qualify after?

I have to admit getting the facts wrong in a previous post because I couldn’t find the announcement at the time, it’s in a news thread towards the end of 2014. I knew top 25 figured in it somewhere.

a certificate for First Place and for Second Place Activator and Chaser in each Association

I am not going to continue to flog a dead horse, BUT, the above was a direct quote from GM4TOE on another thread earlier today and this is what I was referring to, NOT the original 2 certificate idea.


Yes Victor, it appears we’ve made some mistakes in recollecting the certificate requirements. However, I can confirm that my post 2 before this one is definitive. As I have already explained, it was a last minute response to try and appropriately address the popularity of the challenge, and we’ve addressed the issues ready for the next one. I trust that is acceptable.

And I think you’ll find Barry has admitted he made a mistake due to trying to answer a few people making a fuss whilst trying to also do his full time day job. I too am at work which is why I couldn’t find where the final placings were announced.

Here is the original announcement:

Here is the thread that announces the results:

I’m sorry you were confused by both of these announcements and by how to use the database to show your standings such that you thought you would be able to get a certificate. But as you can see you would not have qualified either way.

I don’t seem to remember objecting to anything, merely voicing an opinion about the ambiguity of the wording!

Too right, I put a lot of effort into the chasing only to find the goal posts moved after the final whistle!

Yes, the goal posts where widened and raised.

OK, let me reword that as it seems to be too difficult to understand|:

I have issued twelve certificates in total, some are for chasers, some are for activators. Included in that total is one certificate for Leading Worldwide Activator (OK1DVM) and another, different, certificate awarded to the Leading Worldwide Chaser (N4EX).

Barry GM4TOE
Edit: I have not issued certificates to everybody who is entitled to them because they have not yet claimed them

Blimey, there is so much value obviously being placed on having one of these 12m Challenge certificates, I best apply for my Second G Chaser 12m one now… sorry to add to the workload Barry! Got to be a “must have” now after what I read on here… applying tonight!

6m & 10m Challenge - bring it on Andy, looking forward to May 15th…

73 Phil